Preimplantation Mouse Embryonic cDNA Clones

The following clones are available from RIKEN DNA Bank:

Library Name # Plates Clone Numbers
1-cell Unfertilized Egg 61 J0400A01 – J0460H12
1-cell Fertilized Egg 61 J0200A01 – J0260H12
2-cell Embryo 51 J0700A01 – J0750H12
4-cell Embryo 51 J1000A01 – J1050H12
8-cell Embryo 51 J0500A01 – J0550H12
16-cell Embryo 31 J0800A01 – J0830H12
16-cell Embryo 51 J0900A01 – J0950H12
3.5-dpc Blastocyst 111 J0001A01 – J0111H12
Total Plates 468  


Name of clones : Preimplantation Mouse Embryonic EST clones
Comments : cDNA clones isolated from cDNA libraries constructed using oligo-dT primer and mRNA purified from unfertilized egg, fertilized egg, 2 cell stage, 4 cell stage, 8 cell stage, 16 cell stage or blastcyst stage C57BL/6J embryos. Single pass sequence data from 3′-end have been available from dbEST data base.
Locus symbol : D (Chromosome No.) Ertd (clone No.) e
Chromosome location : (798 clones have been mapped by Feb. 99; data available at The Jackson Laboratory’s Mouse Genome Informatics site (
Description of DNA insert : mRNA purified from above-mentioned early mouse embryos was used to synthesize cDNA with oligo dT primer (Not I primer-adaptor from Gibco BRL). The double-stranded cDNA was ligated to Lone-linker LL-Sal3 and amplified by PCR. Following digestion with Sal I and Not I, the cDNA was size-selected by Size Fractionation Column (Gibco BRL).
Type of inserted DNA : cDNA
Size of inserted DNA : 1.5 kb on average
Vector : pSPORT1 (Gibco BRL Life Technology)
Size of Vector : 4,109 bp
Classification : Plasmid
Cloning site excised by : Sal I and Not I
Genetic markers : ampicillinr
Host : E. coli (DH10B)
Growth temperature : 37 C
Medium and additives : LB+ampicillin
Keyword : pSPORT1, preimplantation mouse embryonic cDNA libraries, oligo dT primer, dbEST
Reference : M.S.H. Ko et al. (2000) Large-scale cDNA analysis reveals phased gene expression patterns during preimplantation mouse development. Development 127 (8): 1737-1749.
J.R. Kitchen et al. (1997) Systematic Analyses of Genes Expressed in 3.5 dpc Mouse Blastcyst. Abstracts of 1997 meeting on Mouse Molecular Genetics; p128.

M.S.H. Ko et al. (1998) Sequencing and Mapping of Genes Expressed in Mouse Embryos from Preimplantation Stages (from Unfertilized Egg to Blastcyst). Abstracts of 12th International Mouse Genome Conference; B26.

Depositors : Japan science and Technology Corporation and Wayne State University
Developers : Dr. Hirofumi Doi and Dr. Minoru S. H. Ko
Restriction of distribution: With Dr. Doi’s written consent and acknowledgement to Dr. Doi in the publications. (c,y)

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