Aeropyrum pernix gene plasmid



List of Genes

*Data of these column was provided by the depositor.

Catalog num. CloneID Locus ID Product expressed* soluble* purified*
THR061650 ApeEx04C02 APE_0009.1 hypothetical transport protein yes    
THR061752 ApeEx04G08 APE_0011.1 probable fructose-bisphosphate aldolase yes    
THR061753 ApeEx04G09 APE_0012 ribokinase yes yes  
THR060577 ApeEx01H09 APE_0013.1 dihydroxy-acid dehydratase yes    
THR062005 ApeEx05A05 APE_0017.1 xylulose kinase yes    
THR062006 ApeEx05A06 APE_0020.1 glutamate decarboxylase yes    
THR060401 ApeEx01A01 APE_0028 phosphoenolpyruvate synthase yes    
THR061258 ApeEx03C10 APE_0033.1 phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (ATP), pckA yes yes  
THR061651 ApeEx04C03 APE_0051 phosphate transport system regulatory protein yes    
THR061652 ApeEx04C04 APE_0053.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR061259 ApeEx03C11 APE_0054.1 hypothetical protein      
THR061653 ApeEx04C05 APE_0056.1 enoyl-CoA hydratase yes yes yes
THR061754 ApeEx04G10 APE_0060.1 adenine phosphoribosyltransferase      
THR062007 ApeEx05A07 APE_0069.1 deoxycytidine triphosphate deaminase yes    
THR061260 ApeEx03C12 APE_0079 S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase yes    
THR060402 ApeEx01A02 APE_0084.1 hypothetical NADH dehydrogenase yes yes  
THR061654 ApeEx04C06 APE_0089.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR061273 ApeEx03D01 APE_0091 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes  
THR060403 ApeEx01A03 APE_0092.1 hypothetical acetylpolyamine aminohydrolase yes yes yes
THR062028 ApeEx05B04 APE_0099 DNA-directed DNA polymerase (pfu polymerase) yes    
THR061635 ApeEx04B11 APE_0101.1 hypothetical protein      
THR060547 ApeEx01G03 APE_0105 hypothetical GTP-binding protein yes yes  
THR061655 ApeEx04C07 APE_0110 DNA double-strand break repair rad50 ATPase yes    
THR061656 ApeEx04C08 APE_0113 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR060404 ApeEx01A04 APE_0117.1 threonyl-tRNA synthetase yes    
THR062029 ApeEx05B05 APE_0119 hypothetical radA protein yes yes yes
THR060578 ApeEx01H10 APE_0122.1 hypothetical hit-like protein yes yes  
THR061755 ApeEx04G11 APE_0127 methanol dehydrogenase regulatory protein yes yes  
THR062001 ApeEx05A01 APE_0141.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR060405 ApeEx01A05 APE_0150.1 endonuclease III (DNA-(apurinic or apyrimidinic site)lyase) yes yes  
THR061776 ApeEx04H08 APE_0152.1 cell division control protein 6 homolog yes yes  
THR060950 ApeEx02G06 APE_0157 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes  
THR060406 ApeEx01A06 APE_0159 hypothetical bacteriochlorophyll synthase      
THR060407 ApeEx01A07 APE_0161.1 lysyl-tRNA synthetase yes yes yes
THR060548 ApeEx01G04 APE_0162 hypothetical Proliferating call nuclear antigen homolog yes yes yes
THR062002 ApeEx05A02 APE_0163.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR060408 ApeEx01A08 APE_0168.1 hypothetical Class II heat shock protein yes    
THR060409 ApeEx01A09 APE_0169.1 hypothetical aminotransferase yes    
THR061274 ApeEx03D02 APE_0173.1 phosphoglycerate kinase yes yes  
THR060579 ApeEx01H11 APE_0191.1 hypothetical helicase      
THR062121 ApeEx05F01 APE_0191.1 702 aa long hypothetical helicase      
THR062122 ApeEx05F02 APE_0191.1 702 aa long hypothetical helicase. C-terminal His-tag.      
THR062054 ApeEx05C06 APE_0209.1 putative S2P metalloprotease      
THR060410 ApeEx01A10 APE_0222.1 carboxyphosphonoenolpyruvate phosphonomutase yes    
THR062051 ApeEx05C03 APE_0230.1 Mrp protein yes yes  
THR061275 ApeEx03D03 APE_0235.1 thiamine monophosphate kinase yes yes  
THR061276 ApeEx03D04 APE_0236.1 uroporphyrin-III C-methyltransferase yes    
THR060580 ApeEx01H12 APE_0244.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR061212 ApeEx03A12 APE_0246.1 hypothetical ethylene-responsive protein 1 yes    
THR062003 ApeEx05A03 APE_0249.1 hypothetical protein      
THR061777 ApeEx04H09 APE_0252 hypothetical protein yes    
THR061378 ApeEx03H10 APE_0256A.1 DNA-directed RNA polymerase,subunit E yes    
THR061277 ApeEx03D05 APE_0257 DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit E’, putative yes    
THR060549 ApeEx01G05 APE_0260.1 dihydroorotate oxidase yes yes  
THR060411 ApeEx01A11 APE_0261.1 dihydroorotase yes    
THR062008 ApeEx05A08 APE_0263.1 problable proteinase      
THR061379 ApeEx03H11 APE_0266B hypothetical repressor protein yes    
THR060951 ApeEx02G07 APE_0290.1 hypothetical protein yes yes  
THR062055 ApeEx05C07 APE_0294.1 hypothetical protein      
THR060412 ApeEx01A12 APE_0306.1 glycerol kinase yes    
THR061278 ApeEx03D06 APE_0309.1 glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase      
THR061279 ApeEx03D07 APE_0311 citrate lyase beta chain yes    
THR060550 ApeEx01G06 APE_0317.1 phosphomannomutase yes yes yes
THR062056 ApeEx05C08 APE_0319 hypothetical proteinase I yes yes yes
THR061280 ApeEx03D08 APE_0320.1 hypothetical ferredoxin yes    
THR060425 ApeEx01B01 APE_0322.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR060426 ApeEx01B02 APE_0326.1 hypothetical TATA-binding protein-interracing protein 49 yes    
THR061657 ApeEx04C09 APE_0330.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR062057 ApeEx05C09 APE_0337.1 microsomal dipeptidase yes    
THR061281 ApeEx03D09 APE_0374 isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase yes    
THR060427 ApeEx01B03 APE_0392 malate oxidoreductase yes yes yes
THR061626 ApeEx04B02 APE_0401.1 uridylate kinase yes    
THR060428 ApeEx01B04 APE_0405.1 V-type H+-transporting ATPase subunit A yes yes yes
THR060801 ApeEx02A01 APE_0412 glutamate decarboxylase      
THR060551 ApeEx01G07 APE_0416.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR060552 ApeEx01G08 APE_0423.1 hypothetical protein      
THR060554 ApeEx01G10 APE_0433 conserved hypothetical protein      
THR060952 ApeEx02G08 APE_0433 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR062058 ApeEx05C10 APE_0436.1 translation initiation factor eIF-2 alpha subunit yes yes  
THR060429 ApeEx01B05 APE_0438.1 putative DNA primase yes    
THR060953 ApeEx02G09 APE_0445 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR061282 ApeEx03D10 APE_0446 hypothetical protein      
THR061658 ApeEx04C10 APE_0447.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR060430 ApeEx01B06 APE_0457 4-aminobutyrate aminotransferase yes yes yes
THR061659 ApeEx04C11 APE_0462 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes  
THR061283 ApeEx03D11 APE_0464.1 hypothetical protein yes yes yes
THR060802 ApeEx02A02 APE_0475.1 hypothetical DNA polymerase II yes    
THR060431 ApeEx01B07 APE_0487 glycolate oxidase yes yes yes
THR060432 ApeEx01B08 APE_0489 pyruvate kinase yes yes  
THR060433 ApeEx01B09 APE_0496.1 ribonuclease HII yes    
THR060803 ApeEx02A03 APE_0502 putative ribosome biogenesis protein yes    
THR060434 ApeEx01B10 APE_0506 endonuclease V yes    
THR060804 ApeEx02A04 APE_0508.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR060435 ApeEx01B11 APE_0511.1 RNA 3′-terminal phosphate cyclase, putative yes    
THR062059 ApeEx05C11 APE_0513.1 nicotinamide-nucleotide adenylyltransferase yes    
THR061627 ApeEx04B03 APE_0514 hypothetical sun protein yes    
THR060436 ApeEx01B12 APE_0519.1 glycerol-1-phosphate dehydrogenase yes yes yes
THR060805 ApeEx02A05 APE_0522.1 cleavage and polyadenylation factor large subunit yes    
THR060806 ApeEx02A06 APE_0525.1 PH0734 homolog yes yes  
THR060949 ApeEx02G05 APE_0525A hypothetical small nuclear ribonucleoprotein yes yes yes
THR061284 ApeEx03D12 APE_0526.1 Xaa-Pro dipeptidase yes    
THR061673 ApeEx04D01 APE_0537.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR061674 ApeEx04D02 APE_0540.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR060555 ApeEx01G11 APE_0546.1 PH0962 homolog yes yes  
THR061675 ApeEx04D03 APE_0550 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes yes
THR061297 ApeEx03E01 APE_0553 dimethyladenosine transferase      
THR061380 ApeEx03H12 APE_0554.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR061225 ApeEx03B01 APE_0555.1 tRNA/rRNA methyltransferase homolog yes    
THR060449 ApeEx01C01 APE_0557 hypothetical protein yes    
THR061298 ApeEx03E02 APE_0558.1 hypothetical protein yes yes  
THR061299 ApeEx03E03 APE_0562.1 chorismate mutase yes yes  
THR060450 ApeEx01C02 APE_0564 chorismate synthase yes    
THR061601 ApeEx04A01 APE_0569 3-phosphoshikimate 1-carboxyvinyltransferase yes    
THR061300 ApeEx03E04 APE_0572 Shikimate kinase      
THR060807 ApeEx02A07 APE_0574.1 shikimate 5-dehydrogenase      
THR060808 ApeEx02A08 APE_0579 3-dehydroquinate synthase yes yes yes
THR060451 ApeEx01C03 APE_0581.1 phospho-2-dehydro-3-deoxyheptonate aldolase yes yes yes
THR061301 ApeEx03E05 APE_0583 transketolase yes    
THR061602 ApeEx04A02 APE_0586.1 transketolase      
THR061676 ApeEx04D04 APE_0595.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR061226 ApeEx03B02 APE_0600 mutT domain signature      
THR060452 ApeEx01C04 APE_0632.1 succinyl-diaminopimelate desuccinylase yes    
THR061302 ApeEx03E06 APE_0639.1 S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase yes yes yes
THR061677 ApeEx04D05 APE_0644.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR060453 ApeEx01C05 APE_0650.1 phosphoenolpyruvate synthase yes    
THR061678 ApeEx04D06 APE_0656.1 conserved hypothetical protein      
THR060556 ApeEx01G12 APE_0662.1 histidyl-tRNA synthetase yes yes yes
THR061303 ApeEx03E07 APE_0665 ribose 5-phosphate isomerase A      
THR060454 ApeEx01C06 APE_0667 hypothetical protein yes    
THR061304 ApeEx03E08 APE_0669.1 hypothetical transcriptional activator TENA yes yes  
THR061305 ApeEx03E09 APE_0674.1 aspartate aminotransferase yes yes yes
THR060455 ApeEx01C07 APE_0675.1 methionyl-tRNA synthetase yes yes  
THR060456 ApeEx01C08 APE_0676 3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate hydroxymethyl transferase yes    
THR061679 ApeEx04D07 APE_0677.1 2-dehydropantoate 2-reductase      
THR062060 ApeEx05C12 APE_0683 phosphoserine phosphatase yes    
THR060457 ApeEx01C09 APE_0685 tRNA intron endonuclease yes    
THR061680 ApeEx04D08 APE_0688 hypothetical protein yes yes  
THR060458 ApeEx01C10 APE_0689.1 isocitrate dehydrogenase yes yes  
THR060459 ApeEx01C11 APE_0703.1 type II DNA topoisomerase VI subunit a yes    
THR060460 ApeEx01C12 APE_0708.1 hypothetical aldehyde oxidoreductase yes yes yes
THR060473 ApeEx01D01 APE_0712.1 hypothetical N-Acylamino acid racemase yes    
THR060474 ApeEx01D02 APE_0715.1 hypothetical TRK system potassium uptake protein      
THR061681 ApeEx04D09 APE_0716.1 conserved hypothetical protein      
THR062073 ApeEx05D01 APE_0739 acyl-CoA dehydrogenase yes    
THR060475 ApeEx01D03 APE_0745.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR061227 ApeEx03B03 APE_0748.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR060809 ApeEx02A09 APE_0756.1 3-hydroxyisobutyrate dehydrogenase yes    
THR061682 ApeEx04D10 APE_0759.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR061683 ApeEx04D11 APE_0763.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR060476 ApeEx01D04 APE_0767.1 spermidine synthase yes    
THR060569 ApeEx01H01 APE_0782.1 N2,N2-dimethylguanosine tRNA methyltransferase yes    
THR061684 ApeEx04D12 APE_0787.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR062074 ApeEx05D02 APE_0801.1 surE; acid phosphatase yes    
THR061697 ApeEx04E01 APE_0803.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR060477 ApeEx01D05 APE_0809.1 threonyl-tRNA synthetase yes yes yes
THR060810 ApeEx02A10 APE_0816 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes yes
THR062075 ApeEx05D03 APE_0824 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR062076 ApeEx05D04 APE_0867.1 hypothetical protein      
THR060570 ApeEx01H02 APE_0872.1 DNA (cytosine-5-)-methyltransferase yes    
THR060954 ApeEx02G10 APE_0872.1 DNA (cytosine-5-)-methyltransferase      
THR062030 ApeEx05B06 APE_0875.1 A/G-specific adenine glycosylase yes    
THR061698 ApeEx04E02 APE_0889.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR061306 ApeEx03E10 APE_0892.1 hypothetical protein yes yes yes
THR061699 ApeEx04E03 APE_0915.1 hypothetical protein      
THR061603 ApeEx04A03 APE_0916.1 hypothetical mu-crystallin yes    
THR060478 ApeEx01D06 APE_0931 diphtine synthase yes yes yes
THR060479 ApeEx01D07 APE_0932.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes  
THR061307 ApeEx03E11 APE_0935 glutamate synthase (NADPH) small chain yes yes yes
THR060480 ApeEx01D08 APE_0941 spermidine/putrescine transport system permease protein      
THR060571 ApeEx01H03 APE_0946 fumarate reductase iron-sulfur protein yes    
THR060481 ApeEx01D09 APE_0950.1 fumarate reductase flavoprotein subunit yes    
THR060955 ApeEx02G11 APE_0951.1 hypothetical glycine cleavage system H protein yes yes  
THR060482 ApeEx01D10 APE_0952.1 hexulose-6-phosphate synthase yes    
THR060483 ApeEx01D11 APE_0957 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes yes
THR060484 ApeEx01D12 APE_0959 methylated-DNA–protein-cysteine methyltransferase yes yes  
THR061700 ApeEx04E04 APE_0964.1 hypothetical protein      
THR061701 ApeEx04E05 APE_0966.1 hypothetical protein yes yes  
THR062009 ApeEx05A09 APE_0978.1 cytidylate kinase yes    
THR060811 ApeEx02A11 APE_0979.1 amidase amiE      
THR061308 ApeEx03E12 APE_0981.1 adenylate kinase yes    
THR061228 ApeEx03B04 APE_0986.1 3,4-dihydroxy-2-butanone 4-phosphate synthase (dhbp synthase) yes    
THR060497 ApeEx01E01 APE_0989.1 pseudouridylate synthase yes    
THR061628 ApeEx04B04 APE_0989.1 hypothetical protein      
THR061321 ApeEx03F01 APE_0993.1 purine nucleoside phosphorylase yes    
THR061322 ApeEx03F02 APE_0996.1 hypothetical protein      
THR061702 ApeEx04E06 APE_0996.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR061323 ApeEx03F03 APE_1011.1 protein-L-isoaspartate O-methyltransferase      
THR061324 ApeEx03F04 APE_1015 leucyl-tRNA synthetase yes yes  
THR060498 ApeEx01E02 APE_1023.1 dihydrodipicolinate synthase yes    
THR061703 ApeEx04E07 APE_1035.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes  
THR060499 ApeEx01E03 APE_1038.1 cytidine deaminase yes    
THR061604 ApeEx04A04 APE_1045.1 putative protease      
THR062077 ApeEx05D05 APE_1047.1 translation initiation factor eIF-2B yes yes  
THR060500 ApeEx01E04 APE_1053.1 iron (III) dicitrate transport system permease protein      
THR061605 ApeEx04A05 APE_1055.1 iron (III) dicitrate transport system ATP-binding protein yes    
THR060812 ApeEx02A12 APE_1061.1 thioredoxin reductase yes    
THR060501 ApeEx01E05 APE_1065.1 succinyl-CoA synthetase beta chain yes    
THR061325 ApeEx03F05 APE_1072.1 succinyl-CoA synthetase alpha chain yes    
THR062010 ApeEx05A10 APE_1073 PH0450 homolog yes    
THR060502 ApeEx01E06 APE_1094.1 DNA ligase yes yes  
THR061326 ApeEx03F06 APE_1098 hypothetical fmu protein      
THR061327 ApeEx03F07 APE_1109.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR062078 ApeEx05D06 APE_1117 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes yes
THR060825 ApeEx02B01 APE_1119.1 hypothetical RNase L inhibitor yes yes  
THR060572 ApeEx01H04 APE_1129 methionyl-tRNA synthetase yes yes yes
THR062079 ApeEx05D07 APE_1135 O-sialoglycoprotein endopeptidase yes    
THR060573 ApeEx01H05 APE_1140.1 aspartate kinase yes    
THR060574 ApeEx01H06 APE_1143 aspartate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase yes yes  
THR060503 ApeEx01E07 APE_1144.1 homoserine dehydrogenase yes    
THR061704 ApeEx04E08 APE_1156.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR061705 ApeEx04E09 APE_1164 hypothetical GTP-binding protein yes    
THR061606 ApeEx04A06 APE_1179.1 dTDP-4-dehydrorhamnose reductase yes    
THR062031 ApeEx05B07 APE_1191 hypothetical capM protein yes    
THR060504 ApeEx01E08 APE_1197.1 sulfate adenylyltransferase yes    
THR062032 ApeEx05B08 APE_1202.1 glucose-1-phosphate thymidylyltransferase      
THR060575 ApeEx01H07 APE_1223.1 cystathionine beta-synthase      
THR060505 ApeEx01E09 APE_1226 cystathionine gamma-lyase yes    
THR060506 ApeEx01E10 APE_1231 hypothetical protein yes    
THR060576 ApeEx01H08 APE_1239.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR061328 ApeEx03F08 APE_1245.1 alcohol dehydrogenase yes yes yes
THR061706 ApeEx04E10 APE_1267.1 hypothetical protein yes yes yes
THR061707 ApeEx04E11 APE_1273.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR062052 ApeEx05C04 APE_1281 hypothetical protein      
THR060507 ApeEx01E11 APE_1285.1 hypothetical acetylpolyamine aminohydrolase yes yes  
THR060508 ApeEx01E12 APE_1294.1 nitrate reductase beta chain yes    
THR060521 ApeEx01F01 APE_1300.1 nitrate reductase delta chain yes yes yes
THR061329 ApeEx03F09 APE_1304.1 branched-chain amino acid transport system permease protein      
THR060826 ApeEx02B02 APE_1310 long-chain-fatty-acid–CoA ligase yes yes yes
THR060522 ApeEx01F02 APE_1323.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR060827 ApeEx02B03 APE_1324 hypothetical heterocyst differentiation protein yes    
THR060523 ApeEx01F03 APE_1326.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes  
THR060828 ApeEx02B04 APE_1328.1 N-methylhydantoinase A, putative yes    
THR060524 ApeEx01F04 APE_1331 N-methylhydantoinase B,putative yes    
THR061708 ApeEx04E12 APE_1336.1 conserved hypothetical protein      
THR060525 ApeEx01F05 APE_1353.1 ATP-dependent DNA helicase yes    
THR060526 ApeEx01F06 APE_1385 undecaprenyl pyrophosphate synthetase yes    
THR062011 ApeEx05A11 APE_1386.1 glutamate dehydrogenase yes    
THR061607 ApeEx04A07 APE_1404.1 3-phosphoshikimate 1-carboxyvinyltransferase yes    
THR060829 ApeEx02B05 APE_1410.1 NADH dehydrogenase I chain N      
THR060527 ApeEx01F07 APE_1436.1 ATP-dependent RNA helicase, eIF-4A family yes    
THR061721 ApeEx04F01 APE_1437.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR060830 ApeEx02B06 APE_1445 exoribonuclease related to ribonuclease PH yes yes  
THR060831 ApeEx02B07 APE_1451.1 predicted exosome subunit yes    
THR061608 ApeEx04A08 APE_1454.1 conserved hypothetical protein      
THR060528 ApeEx01F08 APE_1461.1 acetylglutamate kinase      
THR060529 ApeEx01F09 APE_1462 N-acetyl-gamma-glutamyl-phosphate reductase yes yes yes
THR060531 ApeEx01F11 APE_1462A lysine biosynthesis protein LysW yes yes yes
THR060530 ApeEx01F10 APE_1463 ribosomal protein S6, modification protein yes    
THR061629 ApeEx04B05 APE_1464 acetylornithine aminotransferase yes yes  
THR061630 ApeEx04B06 APE_1467.1 acetylornithine deacetylase yes    
THR061330 ApeEx03F10 APE_1471.1 hypothetical GTP cyclohydrolase I yes yes yes
THR061331 ApeEx03F11 APE_1472 2-oxoglutarate ferredoxin oxidoreductase, beta subunit yes    
THR061609 ApeEx04A09 APE_1473.1 2-oxoglutarate ferredoxin oxidoreductase, alpha subunit yes    
THR060832 ApeEx02B08 APE_1481.1 putative ADP-ribose pyrophosphatase yes yes yes
THR060532 ApeEx01F12 APE_1488.1 threonine synthase yes yes  
THR061778 ApeEx04H10 APE_1497.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes  
THR060545 ApeEx01G01 APE_1498.1 threonine dehydratase yes    
THR060546 ApeEx01G02 APE_1507.1 IMP dehydrogenase yes    
THR061722 ApeEx04F02 APE_1512 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes yes
THR060833 ApeEx02B09 APE_1522.1 replication factor subunit C yes yes  
THR060834 ApeEx02B10 APE_1524.1 replication factor subunit C yes    
THR061724 ApeEx04F04 APE_1543 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR061332 ApeEx03F12 APE_1548.1 ABC-2 type transport system ATP-binding protein yes    
THR062027 ApeEx05B03 APE_1558 hypothetical protein yes    
THR062080 ApeEx05D08 APE_1561 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes yes
THR060835 ApeEx02B11 APE_1564.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR060956 ApeEx02G12 APE_1567.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR061756 ApeEx04G12 APE_1571.1 3-octaprenyl-4-hydroxybenzoate carboxy-lyase yes    
THR061229 ApeEx03B05 APE_1586 cysteine synthase yes yes yes
THR060969 ApeEx02H01 APE_1591.1 acylphosphatase yes yes yes
THR060970 ApeEx02H02 APE_1592.1 cysteinyl-tRNA synthetase yes yes  
THR061769 ApeEx04H01 APE_1596 S-adenosylmethionine synthetase yes yes yes
THR061725 ApeEx04F05 APE_1602.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR061230 ApeEx03B06 APE_1604 CTP synthetase yes yes yes
THR062123 ApeEx05F03 APE_1604 538 aa long hypothetical CTP synthetase      
THR060971 ApeEx02H03 APE_1605.1 4-nitrophenylphosphatase yes    
THR060836 ApeEx02B12 APE_1616.1 3-phosphonopyruvate decarboxylase yes yes yes
THR060972 ApeEx02H04 APE_1618.1 aconitate hydratase yes yes  
THR060849 ApeEx02C01 APE_1637.1 agmatinase yes    
THR060850 ApeEx02C02 APE_1646.1 tRNA intron endonuclease yes    
THR060851 ApeEx02C03 APE_1647 3-octaprenyl-4-hydroxybenzoate carboxy-lyase yes yes  
THR061726 ApeEx04F06 APE_1649.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR060852 ApeEx02C04 APE_1657.1 fuculose-1-phosphate aldolase yes    
THR061345 ApeEx03G01 APE_1662.1 aspartate carbamoyltransferase regulatory chain yes    
THR061346 ApeEx03G02 APE_1663.1 aspartate carbamoyltransferase catalytic chain yes yes  
THR060853 ApeEx02C05 APE_1669.1 lipoamide dehydrogenase component (E3) of pyruvate dehydrogenase complex yes    
THR060973 ApeEx02H05 APE_1671 dihydrolipoamide acetyltransferase component (E2) of pyruvate dehydrogenase complex yes yes yes
THR060854 ApeEx02C06 APE_1674 pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component, beta subunit yes    
THR061231 ApeEx03B07 APE_1677.1 pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component, alpha subunit yes    
THR061727 ApeEx04F07 APE_1683.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR061347 ApeEx03G03 APE_1691 hypothetical gufA protein yes    
THR060855 ApeEx02C07 APE_1692.1 inorganic pyrophosphatase yes    
THR061232 ApeEx03B08 APE_1695.1 aminomethyltransferase yes    
THR062033 ApeEx05B09 APE_1702 hypothetical ATP-dependent transporter yes    
THR062034 ApeEx05B10 APE_1703 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR062035 ApeEx05B11 APE_1706 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes  
THR060856 ApeEx02C08 APE_1713 citrate synthase yes yes yes
THR061233 ApeEx03B09 APE_1717.1 Glu-tRNA amidotransferase, subunit A yes    
THR062012 ApeEx05A12 APE_1718 hypothetical Glu-tRNA amidotransferase, subunit B yes yes yes
THR060857 ApeEx02C09 APE_1751 hypothetical enterovirus capsid protein VP1 yes    
THR062004 ApeEx05A04 APE_1754.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR060974 ApeEx02H06 APE_1756 arginyl-tRNA synthetase yes yes yes
THR060858 ApeEx02C10 APE_1764.1 dimethylallyltranstransferase / geranyltranstransferase yes    
THR062124 ApeEx05F04 APE_1764.1 337 aa long hypothetical geranyltranstransferase      
THR062125 ApeEx05F05 APE_1764.1        
THR062126 ApeEx05F06 APE_1764.1 337 aa long hypothetical geranyltranstransferase. C-terminal His-tag.      
THR060975 ApeEx02H07 APE_1765.1 isopentenyl-diphosphate delta-isomerase yes    
THR061610 ApeEx04A10 APE_1768.1 acetylglutamate kinase yes    
THR061770 ApeEx04H02 APE_1773.1 hypothetical protein      
THR061611 ApeEx04A11 APE_1775.1 thermostable carboxypeptidase 1 yes    
THR062053 ApeEx05C05 APE_1782.1 Sir2 homolog yes    
THR060859 ApeEx02C11 APE_1786.1 glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase yes    
THR061234 ApeEx03B10 APE_1791.1 tRNA nucleotidyltransferase yes    
THR060976 ApeEx02H08 APE_1792 Ligase homolog yes    
THR061235 ApeEx03B11 APE_1794 DNA topoisomerase yes    
THR061348 ApeEx03G04 APE_1800.1 hypothetical DOM34 yes    
THR060873 ApeEx02D01 APE_1816.1 fumarate hydratase yes yes  
THR061612 ApeEx04A12 APE_1817.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes yes
THR061349 ApeEx03G05 APE_1818 50S ribosomal protein L7Ae yes yes yes
THR061728 ApeEx04F08 APE_1820 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR060874 ApeEx02D02 APE_1831.1 D-3-phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase yes    
THR061350 ApeEx03G06 APE_1834.1 ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinase yes    
THR061236 ApeEx03B12 APE_1835 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR061729 ApeEx04F09 APE_1865.1 pyruvate formate-lyase activating enzyme yes    
THR061249 ApeEx03C01 APE_1873.1 3-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] synthase III yes    
THR061730 ApeEx04F10 APE_1874.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR061636 ApeEx04B12 APE_1885 5′-methylthioadenosine phosphorylase yes    
THR061731 ApeEx04F11 APE_1895.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR061771 ApeEx04H03 APE_1896.1 virB11 homolog yes    
THR061351 ApeEx03G07 APE_1905 hypothetical flagellin yes    
THR061352 ApeEx03G08 APE_1907 hypothetical flagellin      
THR060875 ApeEx02D03 APE_1917 succinyl-diaminopimelate desuccinylase yes yes yes
THR061353 ApeEx03G09 APE_1921 hypothetical DNA endonuclease I in intron yes yes  
THR060876 ApeEx02D04 APE_1929.1 homing DNA endonuclease in inrton yes    
THR060877 ApeEx02D05 APE_1959.1 hypothetical DNA/pantothenate metabolism flavoprotein yes yes yes
THR060878 ApeEx02D06 APE_1968 hypothetical carbamate kinase yes yes yes
THR060879 ApeEx02D07 APE_1976.1 seryl-tRNA synthetase yes    
THR061250 ApeEx03C02 APE_1992.1 ornithine carbamoyltransferase yes    
THR060880 ApeEx02D08 APE_2002 DNA (cytosine-5-)-methyltransferase yes yes  
THR061772 ApeEx04H04 APE_2017 Queuine/archaeosine-tRNA -ribosyltransferase, tgtA yes    
THR060881 ApeEx02D09 APE_2023 SPL1      
THR061773 ApeEx04H05 APE_2029.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR061732 ApeEx04F12 APE_2041.1 asparagine synthetase yes    
THR061354 ApeEx03G10 APE_2044.1 hypothetical hydrogenase expression/formation protein yes    
THR061251 ApeEx03C03 APE_2048 5-methltetrahydropteroyltriglutamate–homocysteinemethyltr ansferase yes    
THR060977 ApeEx02H09 APE_2056.1 mutT domain signature yes yes yes
THR062081 ApeEx05D09 APE_2064.1 probable thymidylate synthase yes    
THR061252 ApeEx03C04 APE_2067.1 homoserine kinase yes    
THR060882 ApeEx02D10 APE_2074.1 tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase yes yes yes
THR061779 ApeEx04H11 APE_2075 hypothetical protein yes    
THR061780 ApeEx04H12 APE_2078 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR060883 ApeEx02D11 APE_2080.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes yes
THR062082 ApeEx05D10 APE_2081.1 aminopeptidase yes    
THR061745 ApeEx04G01 APE_2086 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes  
THR061355 ApeEx03G11 APE_2090 putative thymidylate kinase yes yes yes
THR060884 ApeEx02D12 APE_2091.1 glucokinase yes    
THR062127 ApeEx05F07 APE_2091.1 376 aa long hypothetical glucokinase      
THR060978 ApeEx02H10 APE_2096.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR060979 ApeEx02H11 APE_2098.1 DNA-directed DNA polymerase yes    
THR061253 ApeEx03C05 APE_2104.1 endonuclease IV yes    
THR061356 ApeEx03G12 APE_2105.1 uridine phosphorylase yes    
THR062083 ApeEx05D11 APE_2106.1 ribokinase yes    
THR061254 ApeEx03C06 APE_2108 acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase yes yes yes
THR060897 ApeEx02E01 APE_2121.1 glycine dehydrogenase subunit 2 yes    
THR060898 ApeEx02E02 APE_2124.1 glycine dehydrogenase subunit 1 yes    
THR060980 ApeEx02H12 APE_2126.1 2-oxoglutarate ferredoxin oxidoreductase, alpha subunit yes yes yes
THR060899 ApeEx02E03 APE_2128 2-oxoglutarate ferredoxin oxidoreductase, beta subunit      
THR061631 ApeEx04B07 APE_2130.1 glutamate-1-semialdehyde 2,1-aminomutase yes    
THR061369 ApeEx03H01 APE_2136.1 hypothetical immunogenic protein yes    
THR061202 ApeEx03A02 APE_2147.1 2-methylcitrate dehydratase yes    
THR060900 ApeEx02E04 APE_2149.1 thiazole biosynthetic enzyme yes    
THR061746 ApeEx04G02 APE_2151.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR060901 ApeEx02E05 APE_2165 hypothetical arsenite-translocating ATPase yes    
THR062025 ApeEx05B01 APE_2166 alanyl-tRNA synthetase yes    
THR060902 ApeEx02E06 APE_2182 hypothetical protein yes    
THR060903 ApeEx02E07 APE_2192.1 aspartyl-tRNA synthetase yes yes  
THR061203 ApeEx03A03 APE_2202 glutamyl-tRNA(Gln) amidotransferase subunit E yes    
THR061747 ApeEx04G03 APE_2208.1 virB11 homolog yes    
THR060904 ApeEx02E08 APE_2229.1 DNA-directed DNA polymerase      
THR060905 ApeEx02E09 APE_2247 putative 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase yes yes  
THR061204 ApeEx03A04 APE_2248.1 aspartate aminotransferase yes yes yes
THR061632 ApeEx04B08 APE_2253.1 hypothetical lactose transport system permease protein      
THR061205 ApeEx03A05 APE_2267.1 glutamate decarboxylase yes    
THR061633 ApeEx04B09 APE_2277.1 hypothetical nitrilase yes    
THR061206 ApeEx03A06 APE_2278 thioredoxin peroxidase yes yes yes
THR061257 ApeEx03C09 APE_2286 threonine synthase yes    
THR060906 ApeEx02E10 APE_2296 glutamyl-tRNA reductase yes    
THR061370 ApeEx03H02 APE_2299.1 glutamate-1-semialdehyde 2,1-aminomutase yes    
THR060907 ApeEx02E11 APE_2300.1 delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase yes    
THR060908 ApeEx02E12 APE_2302.1 phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase alpha chain yes    
THR062026 ApeEx05B02 APE_2305 phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase beta chain yes yes yes
THR061748 ApeEx04G04 APE_2310.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR061207 ApeEx03A07 APE_2317.1 glutamyl-tRNA synthetase yes yes yes
THR060921 ApeEx02F01 APE_2326.1 V-type H+-transporting ATPase subunit K      
THR061208 ApeEx03A08 APE_2328 prolyl-tRNA synthetase yes    
THR061649 ApeEx04C01 APE_2348 putative orotidine 5′-phosphate decarboxylase      
THR060922 ApeEx02F02 APE_2349.1 orotate phosphoribosyltransferase yes    
THR061749 ApeEx04G05 APE_2352.1 conserved hypothetical protein      
THR062036 ApeEx05B12 APE_2377 nucleoside diphosphate kinase yes yes  
THR060923 ApeEx02F03 APE_2397 hypothetical Sua5 protein yes    
THR061625 ApeEx04B01 APE_2418.1 hypothetical electoron transfer flavoprotein beta-subunit yes    
THR061371 ApeEx03H03 APE_2419 hypothetical electoron transfer flavoprotein alpha-subunit yes    
THR060924 ApeEx02F04 APE_2424 conserved hypothetical protein yes yes yes
THR061372 ApeEx03H04 APE_2426.1 hypothetical Na+/H+ antiporter      
THR060925 ApeEx02F05 APE_2430.1 hypothetical thioredoxin yes    
THR060926 ApeEx02F06 APE_2433.1 phosphomannomutase yes    
THR060927 ApeEx02F07 APE_2437.1 deoxyribose-phosphate aldolase yes    
THR061750 ApeEx04G06 APE_2438 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR060928 ApeEx02F08 APE_2439 mevalonate kinase yes yes yes
THR062049 ApeEx05C01 APE_2441.1 hypothetical acylamino-acid-releasing enzyme yes yes yes
THR061373 ApeEx03H05 APE_2452 GMP synthase yes yes yes
THR060929 ApeEx02F09 APE_2458 enolase yes yes yes
THR061255 ApeEx03C07 APE_2461.1 tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase yes    
THR061634 ApeEx04B10 APE_2463.1 hypothetical steroidogenic acute regulatory protein yes yes yes
THR061774 ApeEx04H06 APE_2468.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR061374 ApeEx03H06 APE_2486.1 beta-aspartate metyltransferase yes    
THR061375 ApeEx03H07 APE_2495.1 hypothetical histidine triad (HIT) protein yes    
THR060930 ApeEx02F10 APE_2496.1 hypothetical thioredoxin yes    
THR060931 ApeEx02F11 APE_2502.1 conserved hypothetical protein yes    
THR061376 ApeEx03H08 APE_2507.1 hypothetical formate dehydrogenase yes    
THR060932 ApeEx02F12 APE_2520.1 hypothetical arylmalonate decarboxylase yes    
THR061256 ApeEx03C08 APE_2528.1 N-methylhydantoinase A, putative yes    
THR060945 ApeEx02G01 APE_2530.1 N-methylhydantoinase B,putative yes    
THR061751 ApeEx04G07 APE_2538 hypothetical protein yes    
THR060946 ApeEx02G02 APE_2551 anthranilate phosphoribosyltransferase yes    
THR062050 ApeEx05C02 APE_2568.1 hypothetical protein yes    
THR060947 ApeEx02G03 APE_2571.1 conserved hypothetical protein      
THR061210 ApeEx03A10 APE_2577.1 conserved hypothetical protein      
THR061775 ApeEx04H07 APE_2581 conserved hypothetical protein      
THR061377 ApeEx03H09 APE_2583.1 hypothetical proton/sodium-glutamate symport protein      
THR060948 ApeEx02G04 APE_2595.1 thiosulfate sulfurtransferase yes    
THR061211 ApeEx03A11 APE_2605.1 hypothetical polysulfide reductase yes    

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