Biomass Collection


It is one of the key issues to utilize the biomass for the worldwide energy crisis. The RIKEN BioResource Research Center (BRC) has collected numbers of genes that are related to cellulose saccharification and has constructed expression plasmids of those genes to express recombinant proteins in E. coli. Currently, 25 genes were collected from filamentous fungus Trichoderma reesei(Hypocrea jecorina: JCM 22676) and Pyrococcus furiosus (JCM 8422T). And then, 38 expression plasmids are also distributed. For example, recombinant endo-type cellulase EGII-His or EG-III-His was obtained from E. coli with the expression clone pET21c_Tr-egl2-His (RDB08289) or pET21c_Tr-egl3-His (RDB08290) which was subcloned the gene (egl2 or egl3) from T. reesei. EG2-His or EG3-His in crude extract indicated the activity at 12.2 U/ml and 4.6 U/ml, respectively (One ml of crude extract was prepared from 10 ml cultured E. coli). The information associated with plasmids, such as a nucleotide sequence and digestion pattern by restriction endonucleases. Furthermore, protocols of expression of recombinant proteins in E. coli are available on this website.

Cellulases (Celobiohydrorases)

Cat. Number Gene Backbone Vector Plasmid name Organisms
RDB08131 cbh1/cel7a pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-cbh1 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08286 cbh1/cel7a pET21c pET21c_Tr-cbh1-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB12375 cbh1/cel7a pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-cbh1 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08306 cbh1/cel7a pET25b pET25b_Tr-cbh1-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB08132 cbh2/cel6a pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-cbh2 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08287 cbh2/cel6a pET21c pET21c_Tr-cbh2-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB12376 cbh2/cel6a pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-cbh2 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08307 cbh2/cel6a pET25b pET25b_Tr-cbh2-His Trichodrma reesei

Cellulases (Endoglucanases)

Cat. Number Gene Backbone Vector Plasmid name Organisms
RDB08147 cel5b pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-cel5b Trichodrma reesei
RDB08296 cel5b pET21c pET21c_Tr-cel5b-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB12391 cel5b pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-cel5b Trichodrma reesei
RDB08316 cel5b pET25b pET25b_Tr-cel5b-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB08148 cel61b pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-cel61b Trichodrma reesei
RDB08297 cel61b pET21c pET21c_Tr-cel61b-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB12392 cel61b pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-cel61b Trichodrma reesei
RDB08317 cel61b pET25b pET25b_Tr-cel61b-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB08149 cel74a pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-cel74a Trichodrma reesei
RDB08298 cel74a pET21c pET21c_Tr-cel74a-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB12393 cel74a pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-cel74a Trichodrma reesei
RDB08318 cel74a pET25b pET25b_Tr-cel74a-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB08133 egl1/cel7b pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-egl1 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08288 egl1/cel7b pET21c pET21c_Tr-egl1-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB12377 egl1/cel7b pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-egl1 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08308 egl1/cel7b pET25b pET25b_Tr-egl1-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB08134 egl2/cel5a pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-egl2 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08289 egl2/cel5a pET21c pET21c_Tr-egl2-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB12378 egl2/cel5a pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-egl2 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08309 egl2/cel5a pET25b pET25b_Tr-egl2-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB08135 egl3/cel12a pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-egl3 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08290 egl3/cel12a pET21c pET21c_Tr-egl3-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB12379 egl3/cel12a pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-egl3 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08310 egl3/cel12a pET25b pET25b_Tr-egl3-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB08150 egl5 pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-egl5 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08299 egl5 pET21c pET21c_Tr-egl5-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB12394 egl5 pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-egl5 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08319 egl5 pET25b pET25b_Tr-egl5-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB08949 PF0369 pBlueScript II SK pBSII_PF0369 Pyrococcus furiosus
RDB08963 PF0369 pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-PF0369 Pyrococcus furiosus
RDB08954 PF0369 pET25b pET25b_PF0369-His Pyrococcus furiosus
RDB08945 PF0854 pBlueScript II SK pBSII_PF0854 Pyrococcus furiosus
RDB08959 PF0854 pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-PF0854 Pyrococcus furiosus
RDB08950 PF0854 pET25b pET25b_PF0854-His Pyrococcus furiosus
RDB08946 PF1547 pBlueScript II SK pBSII_PF1547 Pyrococcus furiosus
RDB08960 PF1547 pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-PF1547 Pyrococcus furiosus
RDB08951 PF1547 pET25b pET25b_PF1547-His Pyrococcus furiosus
RDB08948 PF1861 pBlueScript II SK pBSII_PF1861 Pyrococcus furiosus
RDB08961 PF1861 pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-PF1861 Pyrococcus furiosus
RDB08952 PF1861 pET25b pET25b_PF1861-His Pyrococcus furiosus
RDB08948 PH1171 pBlueScript II SK pBSII_PH1171 Pyrococcus horikoshii
RDB08962 PH1171 pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-PH1171 Pyrococcus horikoshii
RDB08953 PH1171 pET25b pET25b_PH1171-His Pyrococcus horikoshii


Cat. Number Gene Backbone Vector Plasmid name Organisms
RDB08136 bgl1/cel3a pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-bgl1 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08291 bgl1/cel3a pET21c pET21c_Tr-bgl1-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB12380 bgl1/cel3a pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-bgl1 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08311 bgl1/cel3a pET25b pET25b_Tr-bgl1-His Trichodrma reesei

Hemicellulases (Xylanases)

Cat. Number Gene Backbone Vector Plasmid name Organisms
RDB08137 xyn1 pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-xyn1 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08292 xyn1 pET21c pET21c_Tr-xyn1-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB12381 xyn1 pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-xyn1 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08312 xyn1 pET25b pET25b_Tr-xyn1-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB08138 xyn2 pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-xyn2 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08293 xyn2 pET21c pET21c_Tr-xyn2-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB12382 xyn2 pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-xyn2 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08313 xyn2 pET25b pET25b_Tr-xyn2-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB08139 xyn3 pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-xyn3 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08294 xyn3 pET21c pET21c_Tr-xyn3-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB12383 xyn3 pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-xyn3 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08314 xyn3 pET25b pET25b_Tr-xyn3-His Trichodrma reesei

Hemicellulases (Xylosidases)

Cat. Number Gene Backbone Vector Plasmid name Organisms
RDB08140 bxl1 pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-bxl1 Trichodrma reesei
RDB12384 bxl1 pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-bxl1 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08533 bxl1 pET25b pET25b_Tr-bxl1-His Trichodrma reesei

Hemicellulases (Arabinofuranosidases)

Cat. Number Gene Backbone Vector Plasmid name Organisms
RDB08141 abf1 pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-abf1 Trichodrma reesei
RDB12385 abf1 pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-abf1 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08534 abf1 pET25b pET25b_Tr-abf1-His Trichodrma reesei

Hemicellulases (alpha-Galactosidases)

Cat. Number Gene Backbone Vector Plasmid name Organisms
RDB08142 agl2 pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-agl2 Trichodrma reesei
RDB12386 agl2 pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-agl2 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08535 agl2 pET25b pET25b_Tr-agl2-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB08143 agl3 pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-agl3 Trichodrma reesei
RDB12387 agl3 pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-agl3 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08536 agl3 pET25b pET25b_Tr-agl3-His Trichodrma reesei

Swollenins (Expansin-like proteins)

Cat. Number Gene Backbone Vector Plasmid name Organisms
RDB08144 swo1 pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-swo1 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08295 swo1 pET21c pET21c_Tr-swo1-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB12388 swo1 pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-swo1 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08315 swo1 pET25b pET25b_Tr-swo1-His Trichodrma reesei

Glucuronoyl Esterases

Cat. Number Gene Backbone Vector Plasmid name Organisms
RDB08145 cip1 pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-cip1 Trichodrma reesei
RDB12389 cip1 pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-cip1 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08537 cip1 pET25b pET25b_Tr-cip1-His Trichodrma reesei
RDB08146 cip2 pBlueScript II SK pBSII_Tr-cip2 Trichodrma reesei
RDB12390 cip2 pET21c_HAT pET21c_HAT-Tr-cip2 Trichodrma reesei
RDB08538 cip2 pET25b pET25b_Tr-cip2-His Trichodrma reesei

(GRP0010e 2012.12.07 S.K.)


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