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Basic forms

Order Form – Form A

Order Form:
Please complete the form with your shipping information including your account number of an international courier
(FedEx. World Courier, TNT Express, DHL Global Forwarding and others).
See detail in Information of Request for Distribution

The resident of the European Economic Area (EEA) and China, please read Special distribution Information to Residents of the Foreign Countries
Order Form for Credit Card Payment. (Visa or Master Card only) [Word] 
Order Form for Bank Transfer Payment. [Word] 



  • We updated MATERIAL TRANSFER AGREEMENT (April 1st, 2020)
  • Regarding description of specificpurpose in the Section 2(a):
    Please write your research purpose in detail. We need description specifically how and for what purpose you are going to use the DNA Bank resource(s). If the information is considered insufficient, we may ask you to add more or rewrite it.
    We can check whether the documents are filled out correctly or not in advance. Please email documents to us.
  • Regarding signature line:
    “Authorized Representative” is a person who is responsible for intellectual property rights. We request that the candidate is in one of the following positions, he/she can sign the MTA as the Authorized Representative. For anything unclear, please contact us by email.
    – College/University/Graduate School: President, Dean, Director or Head of Department
    – Research Institution: Director
    – Corporation: President, CEO, Director
    – Any officer appointed as Intellectual Property Administrator by the organization
    The MTA is a formal contract to be executed between institutions. Therefore, we ask your Authorized Representative to be an authority listed above.
  • If mentioned in datasheet of each resource, please use Exclusive MTA.
Resources For use in research for not-for-profit academic purpose
(Category I MTA)
For use in research for-profit-research purpose
(Category II MTA)
Standard MTA [Word] [Word]
Exclusive MTA S. pombe ORFeome Clones [Word]
CEPH YAC Clone [Word]
NIA/NIH Mouse cDNA Clone
(H3xxxxxx and H4xxxxxx)
Visit NIA mouse web page [link]
Genome Network Project cDNA Clone
(IRAKxxxxxx and IRALxxxxxx)
Visit GNP web page [link]
NRCD Human Full-Length cDNA Clone
(ARxxxxxx and RBxxxxxx)
Visit NRCD web page [link]
DNA resources using the CRISPR/Cas technology
 Announcement page [link]
  • Category I MTA, for the use of our bioresource in research for not-for-profit academic purpose by a non-profit organization.
  • Category II MTA, for the use of our bioresource in research for the following cases:
    1. For research to be conducted by for-profit organizations.
    2. For collaborative research between for-profit organization and not-for-profit organization.
    3. For research by not-for- organization outsourced and sponsored by for-profit organization.
    4. For for-profit research by not-for-profit organization including R&D with the aim of patent acquisition.

Additional Forms

Please obtain these forms, if required, before you send order forms to us.

Approval Form

  • In the case Depositor and/or Developer require a written consent for distribution of materials, this Form D is required.
  • Please complete it and send it to the depositor and/or developer for permission. Then, please return a photocopy of the completed form together with other forms to us.
  • Addresses of depositors and developers are listed in the “Gene Catalog” of the RIKEN DNA Bank.
Forms Mailing before application Depositors Signature Mailing to RIKEN BRC
Others Approval Form (Form D)[doc] to Depositor Required Required, with MTA


License Agreement

Mailing to RIKEN BRC
Limited Use Label License: No.19 (GatewayR Cloning Products) [pdf]

Please read the Label License No. 19 prior to submitting order forms for products contain the GatewayR technology.

Not required
Plasmids contain fluorescent protein gene provided by Dr. Atsushi Miyawaki of the RIKEN CBS.
  • When a link of an approval form appears on the catalog page for each plasmid, please obtain written consent by Dr. Miyawaki (mta-cfds@ml.riken.jp).
Required (copy of the form)
Plasmids contain fluorescent protein gene provided by Prof. Roger Tsien such as mRFP1, mCherry, etc.

  • Please obtain permission by using UCSD’s MTA (Prof. Tsien Lab HP Sample Requests [link]).
  • Regarding the lines “Description of Material Provided”: write name of fluorescent protein such as mRFP1 or mCherry.
  • Regarding the lines “Source, if not Tsien lab”: write name of Depositor.
  • Please fill it out and send it to the address specified by UCSD. At the same time, please send it us, too.
Required (copy of the form)
DsRed Monomer fluorescent protein gene owned or licensed by Takara Bio USA, Inc., you need concluding the specific Material Transfer Agreement. Please contact us. In that case, we ask you to bear a part of license fees when we distribute the bioresources containing the FP. We ask for your understanding and cooperation. Required
Secondary Supply Agreement of CAG Promoter (Form E)[doc]

If you want recombinant adenoviruses with the CAG promoter, this Form E is also required.
(for a Not-For-Profit Organization)
Form E is processed by us and you need not send this form to Dr. Miyazaki (Osaka Univ. Medical School).

The DNA Bank, RIKEN BioResource Research Center (BRC),
3-1-1 Koyadai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0074, Japan
E-mail: dna_sec.brc@riken.jp
FAX: (+81)-29-836-9120

(1998.01.27 T.M.)


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