Fee and Payment


Fees to domestic users include consumption tax.
The following fees are correct as of From October 1st, 2019. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Products Fee (JPY)
For use in research for not-for-profit academic purpose (*1)
Fee (JPY)
For use in research for-profit-research purpose (*2)
Clone and host (per tube)(*3)(*4) 8,440 16,880
Recombinant Adenovirus (per tube) 32,700 65,400
Library (per tube) 32,700 65,400
Microbial genomic DNA (one micro gram)(*4) 16,600 33,200
Mouse DNA (of Live mice) (ten micro gram)(*4) 24,400 48,800
Mouse DNA (of litters recovered from cryopreserved embryos) (ten micro gram)(*4) 110,200 220,400
Mouse DNA (of litters recovered from cryopreserved sperm) (ten micro gram)(*4) 167,000 334,000
Samples prepared by the depositor (Dispensing only)(*4) 4,470 8,940
S. pombe ORFeome clone set, 52 plates (per set) 868,400 1,736,800
Thermus thermophilus expression plasmid clone set, 23 plates (per set) 1,177,200 2,354,400
  • The cost of shipping containers and freight will be charged separately. These are not included in the fee.
  • For expression clones containing mammalian cDNA produced by the Gateway® Technology, a license fee of JPY 1,250 is separately required per clone. For a for-profit organization, it is necessary to obtain a license from Life Technology Inc. (announcement of the license agreement [link])
  • For DNA resources containing fluorescent proteins owned by, or licensed to, Clontech Laboratories, Inc. (currently registered as Takara Bio USA, Inc.(TBUSA)), a license fee of JPY 8,250 is separately required per clone. (announcement of the license agreement [link])

(*1) This refers to the use of the bioresource in research by a not-for-profit organization for not-for-profit academic purpose. Category I MTA shall be used.
(*2) This refers to the use of the bioresource in research for the following a. – d. cases. Category II MTA shall be used.

  • a. For research by for-profit organization
  • b. For collaborative research between for-profit organization and not-for-profit organization
  • c. For research by not-for-profit organization outsourced and sponsored by for-profit organization
  • d. For for-profit research by not-for-profit organization including R&D with the aim of patent acquisition

(*3) “Clone and host” includes cDNA clones, BAC, vectors and host microorganisms.
(*4) Volume discounts will be offered for the order of 20 tubes or more of multiple resources of the same fee at a time. 20 – 49 tubes, 20% discount. 50 tubes or more, 25% discount.


  • The invoice (bill) and the payment instruction will be sent to your billing address. The RECIPIENT should prepay the distribution fees before DNA resources to be shipped are prepared.
  • There are tow ways of paying as follows.
    1) Payment by credit card
    2) Remittance to the bank account
    Details are indicated at: Information of Request for Distribution

Terms of use

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