Urgent Notice: Delays in resource shipments to Europe

Due to the current war in Ukraine, DNA shipments to Europe are under disruption and deliveries of DNA may experience more delays than usual. We are facing concerns that the DNA will not be delivered in favorable condition. We will determine the exact dates of transportation through close consultation with the transportation company, and will ensure that recipients are notified (with these dates) individually by email.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We are continuing to pray for the swift restoration of peace in Ukraine.


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Gene expression characterizing HIV-1 infected cells (2021/11/01 T.M.)

  • Human CD4 T cells, which play a role in the control of immune system, are the primary target of HIV-1. By infection of HIV1-GFP reporter virus to “humanized mouse” model in which human immune system including CD4 T cell was reconstructed, the research group discovered that characteristic factors of HIV-1-producing cells include CXCL13 gene high expression group and interferon induction gene low expression group by multidimensional analysis method. This is expected to contribute to a better understanding of the characteristics of latent HIV-1 infected cells, which are essential for the treatment of AIDS.[more…]

Large-scale analysis of causative genes for severe cardiomyopathy in neonates (2021/10/26 T.M.)

  • By analyzing the genomes of Japanese patients with severe mitochondrial cardiomyopathy in their newborn, the research group in this paper found that duplication of the ATAD3 gene cluster was involved in the onset. In addition, a large-scale analysis based on international collaborative research was conducted, and similar duplications were found in 16 families. Regarding the ATAD3 gene duplication, they indicated that abnormal fusion proteins are likely to contribute to disease development.[more…]

Discovery of agents with antiviral activity against multiple viruses (2021/10/20 T.M.)

  • Viral infections are prevalent in the world, and the development of therapeutic drugs is an urgent issue. The research group in this paper found that 5-hydroxymethyltubercidin (HMTU) exhibited antiviral activity against multiple virus species.[more…]

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