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Dnaconda’s Recommendationdnaconda01

Distribution of Host E. coli strains for incorporation of synthetic amino acids. (2017/07/25 N.N.)

  • The host E. coli strains, RFzero-iy strain and B-95.deltaA strain that can produce recombinant proteins incorporating synthetic amino acids by reassignment of the UAG codon.[more…]

Evaluation of chaperone mediated autophagy (CMA) activity by the GAPDH-HT indicator. (2017/06/29 N.N.)

  • “GAPDH-HT indicator” is a CMA marker consisting of HaloTag and GAPDH which is a typical substrate of CMA. The CMA activity in the cells can be evaluated by using GAPDH-HT indicator and an appropriate under the fluorescent-labeled HaloTag ligand.[more]

Establishment of deficient cells using Cre recombinase and floxed mouse derived cells (2017/06/23 T.M.)

  • Has2 deficient cells were established by using Cre recombinase expressing AxCANCre adenovirus. Mouse Has2 gene floxed allele cells were segregated from the transgenic mice having the exon 2 flanked by two loxP sites. And then the cells were infected with AxCANCre adenovirus carrying the Cre recombinase to remove the exon 2.[more]

M-INK, a novel tool for tagging the mature melanosomes.(2017/05/02 N.N.)

  • A novel tool “M-INK” to visualize melanosome in melanocyte and keratinocyte has arrived.[more]

G-CaMP, a fluorescent calcium sensor.(2017/03/16 N.N.)

  • A Fluorescent probes “G-CaMP” for measuring intracellular calcium concentration are available.[more]

Construction of reporter gene having long promoter by using BAC clone and with recombineering technique.(2017/02/28 T.M.)

  • Luciferase reporter assay is a powerful tool for real-time monitoring of gene expression in living cells. It is recommended to construct reporter gene with lager promoter but hard to do so by means of common cloning technique. In this article, 20 kb promoter of Hprt gene was retrieved and cloned into a luciferase reporter by using BAC clone and with recombineering technique.[more]

A fluorescent probe to evaluate activity of autophagy.(2017/02/21 N.N.)

  • Plasmid clone of a novel probe capable of evaluating the activity of autophagy by GFP/RFP signal ratio has arrived.[more]

Green- and Red-emitting luciferases with luminescence.(2017/2/2 T.M.)

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Resource Information

Histac-H3K9/K14 for visualization of acetylation activity of histone H3 in cells.(2016/9/27 T.M.)


  • Reference
    Nakaoka, S., Sasaki, K., Ito, A., Nakao, Y., Yoshida, M. A Genetically Encoded FRET Probe to Detect Intranucleosomal Histone H3K9 or H3K14 Acetylation Using BRD4, a BET Family Member. ACS Chem. Biol. 11 (3): 729-733, 2016. PMID: 25946208
  • DNA Resource
    1. pcDNA3.1(+)-Histac-H3K9/K14 (catalog#RDB14340)

GimRET for visualization of protein concentration in cells.(2016/9/13 T.M.)

Nakanori that specifically binds to a complex of sphingomyelin and cholesterol.(2016/9/13 T.M.)

Fluorescent Ubiquitination-based Cell Cycle Indicator (Fucci) by single plasmid.(2016/6/21 T.M.)

  • Fucci2a cell cycle phase markers allow visualization and estimation of cell cycle progress by observation of green and red fluorescent proteins. [more…]

Genius method to get rid of the target protein with human culture cells (2016.03.25 K.N.)
Now available the plasmid for the system of Auxin-indusible degradation (AID) tag of your target protein in human cells from RIKEN BRC. [more…]

Natsume, T., Kiyomitsu, T., Saga, Y., Kanemaki, M.T.
Rapid Protein Depletion in Human Cells by Auxin-Inducible Degron Tagging with Short Homology Donors.
Cell Reports 15: 210-218, 2016. PMID: 27052166.
Deposited resource
pMK232, pMK243 and the guid-RNA expression vector for AAVS1 locus in Figure 3 and 18 clones in Figure S6.


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