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Clontech Laboratories, Inc. and RIKEN BioResource Center concluded license agreement on preservation and distribution of Fluorescent Proteins, DsRed2 and mCherry for academic use

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Information of Request for Distribution

Prepayment of distribution fees
(overseas organizations only)

The RIKEN BioResource Center (BRC) is a non-profit institution funded by the Japanese Government. We have been engaging in collection, preservation and distribution of bioresources, with the aim to support research and development in the field of life sciences. We provide bioresources to scientists not only in Japan but also throughout the world with minimum fees that is solely reimburse for preparation and handling costs of the requested bioresources. To continue the smooth distribution of bioresources for overseas organizations, it has become necessary to send bioresources prepaid.

We sincerely hope that this change will not cause any inconvenience our users. We very much appreciate your understanding and cooperation, and are looking forward to receiving your requests for our bioresources.

The prepayment of distribution fees for overseas organizations will apply to all orders for bioresources from Monday December 7, 2015 (Japan standard time).

For each unit price, please see the following website:

[Fee and Payment]

How to order

* Step 1:

Go to [Search and Browse] and search DNA resources.

* Step 2:

Go to [Order Forms] and click “Open a new window” button, Choose an order form Credit card or Bank transfer/check. If you choose “Order Forms (Bank transfer/check)”, Go to Step 5.

* Step 3:

If you are a first time user, go to Step 4.
If you have already registered, enter your registered e-mail address and password and click the button “Order Form (Credit Card Payment).
Then, the order form for credit card payment will be displayed. Go to Step 5.
(a) If you have forgotten your password or want to change your registration, you must change the data before step forward.

(b) If you enter incorrect e-mail address or password, the “Order Form (Bank transfer or Check)” will be displayed.


* Step 4:
Go to user registration.


Step 4(a):Enter your e-mail address and get a password.


Step 4(b):Enter your e-mail address and the password provided.


Step 4(c):Enter all the information required in the screen and click on the “Confirm” and then “Submit” button. Then go back to Step3


* Step 5:

Print out the downloaded Order Form and fill out the catalog number, quantity and other information on the order form, and then send it with 2 sets of Material Transfer Agreement and 1set of Approval Form (when required) by e-mail, post or fax (+81-29-836-9120).

Gene Engineering Division, RIKEN BioResource Center
3-1-1 Koyadai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0074 Japan
FAX +81-29-836-9120

* Step 6:

We will review your order and send you an invoice and the payment instruction by e-mail as a PDF attachment. The RECIPIENT should prepay the distribution fees before DNA resources to be shipped are prepared.

If you choose the payment by credit card, we will send an e-mail with the subject, “Online payment from RIKEN BioResource Center” to your registered e-mail address.

* Step 7:

Please open the attached URL, check the details and input your credit card information after you receive the invoice.

If you choose the payment by Bank transfer/check, please follow the payment instruction carefully and send us an e-mail to notify your completion of the payment.

* Step 8:

When your payment is confirmed by our office, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

* Step 9:

Then we will start processing your order. We will inform the schedule for preparation of the DNA resources and shipment.

Please obtain an import permit/license prior to shipping, if required.

* Step 10:

We will contact you when the DNA resources are ready.

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Plastic vial Serum tube Multi-well plate

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Contact information

  • Address: The Gene Engineering Division, RIKEN BioResource Center,
    3-1-1 Koyadai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0074 Japan
  • E-mail:
  • Fax: (+81)-29-836-9120

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