Recombinant virus hub

Recombinant Virus Hub

Recombinant retrovirus vectors

RDB no. Antibiotic/visual marker Promoter Cloning Antibiotics (bacteria)
RDB01699 pRx nZ ires Neo
Nls (nuclear localization signal), lacZ, ires, neo
lacZ-Neo CMV-retroviral LTR n.a. Amp
RDB03985 pRxhrGFP
Retroviral vector of a humanized recombinant GFP, hrGFP.
GFP CMV-retroviral LTR Restriction enzyme Amp
RDB03043 pMNSM
Retrovirus expression vector in eukaryotic cells.
Neo Retroviral LTR Restriction enzyme Amp

Recombinant AAV vectors

Catalog num. Clone name Description
RDB15110 pAAV2-DEST(f) Gateway(R) destination vector of AAV2 [forword].
RDB15111 pAAV2-DEST(r) Gateway(R) destination vector of AAV2 [reverse].
RDB18685 pAAV2-SYN-tTAad-BGHpA AAV2 expression vector of tetracycline-controlled transactivator (tTA Advanced, a.k.a tTAad) driven by the neuron-specific promoter, human synapsin I.
RDB13211 pAAV-Enk-FtTA AAV vector of tTA under the control of Enkephalin promoter
RDB13212 pAAV-SP-FtTA AAV vector of tTA under the control of Substance P promoter

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