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Clontech Laboratories, Inc. and RIKEN BioResource Research Center concluded license agreement on preservation and distribution of Fluorescent Proteins, DsRed2 and mCherry for academic use

BRC News


Fucci – Fluorescent Ubiquitination-based Cell Cycle Indicator

Fucci related materials
Mouse lines
B6.Cg-Tg (FucciS/G2/M) #504Bsi (RBRC02706)
B6.Cg-Tg (FucciG1) #596Bsi (RBRC02707)
Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al., 2008a
B6.Cg-Tg(FucciS/G2/M)#492Bsi (RBRC02705)
B6.Cg-Tg(FucciG1)#639Bsi (RBRC02709)
Aiba, Y, et al., 2010
B6.Cg-Tg(FucciS/G2/M)#474Bsi (RBRC02704)
B6.Cg-Tg(FucciG1)#610Bsi (RBRC02708)
Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al., 2013.
B6;129-Gt(ROSA)26Sor<tm1(Fucci2aR)Jkn> (RBRC 06511) Mort, R.L. et al., 2014
Search Fucci mouse strains
Cell lines
HeLa/Fucci (RCB2812)
NMuMG/Fucci (RCB2813)
COS/Fucci (RCB2814)
Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al., 2008a RIKEN BioResource Research Center
Cell Bank
HeLa/Fucci2 (RCB2867)
NMuMG/Fucci2 (RCB2868)
Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al., 2011
HeLa/Fucci(CA)2 (RCB4676) Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al., 2017
Search Fucci cells
DNA materials Tol2 plasmid
mCherry-zCdt1(1/190) / pT2KXIGdeltain (RDB15278)
mVenus-zGeminin (1/100) / pT2KXIGdeltain (RDB15279)
mKO2-zCdt1(1/190) / pT2KXIGdeltain (RDB15275)
mAG-zGeminin(1/100) / pT2KXIGdeltain (RDB15276)
mAG-hGeminin (1/60) / pT2KXIGdeltain (RDB15277)
Sugiyama, M. et al., 2009 RIKEN BioResource Research Center
DNA Bank
mCherry-hCdt1(30/120)/pcDNA3 (RDB15457)
mVenus-hGeminin(1/110)/pcDNA3 (RDB15458)
Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al., 2011
pCAG-Fucci2a (RDB13080)
pROSA-floxNeo-Fucci2a (RDB13081)
Mort, R.L. et al., 2014
mCherry-hCdt1(1/100)Cy(-)/pcDNA3 (RDB15459) Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al., 2017
Lentiviral vector mCherry-hGeminin(1/110) / pCSII-EF
mCherry-hGeminin(1/60) / pCSII-EF
mVenus-hGeminin(1/60) / pCSII-EF
Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al., 2008b RIKEN BioResource Resarch Center
mCherry-hCdt1(30/120) / pCSII-EF
mVenus-hGeminin(1/110) / pCSII-EF
Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al., 2008b
Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al., 2011
tFucci(CA) and tFucci(SA)
Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al., 2017
Other Fucci related materials (list) RIKEN Center for Brain Science (CBS), Dr. Miyawaki lab.


Important notice regarding nomenclature of Fucci

Original papers

  • Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al. (2008a) Visualizing spatiotemporal dynamics of multicellular cell-cycle progression. Cell 132 (3): 487-498. PMID: 18267078.
  • Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al. (2008b) Tracing the silhouette of individual cells in S/G2/M phases with fluorescence. Chem. Biol. 15 (12): 1243-1248. PMID: 19101468.
  • Sugiyama, M. et al. (2009) Illuminating cell-cycle progression in the developing zebrafish embryo. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 106 (49): 20812-20817. PMID: 19923430.
  • Aiba, Y, et al. (2010) Preferential localization of IgG memory B cells adjacent to contracted germinal centers. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 107 (27): 12192-12197. PMID: 20547847.
  • Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al. (2011) Drug-induced cell cycle modulation leading to cell-cycle arrest, nuclear mis-segregation, or endoreplication. BMC Cell Biol. 12: 2. PMID: 21226962.
  • Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al. (2013) Visualizing developmentally programmed endoreplication in mammals using ubiquitin oscillators. Development 140 (22): 4624-4632. PMID: 24154524.
  • Mort, R.L. et al. (2014) Fucci2a: a bicistronic cell cycle reporter that allows Cre mediated tissue specific expression in mice. Cell Cycle 13 (17): 2681-2696. PMID: 25486356.
  • Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al. (2017) Genetically-Encoded Tools for Optical Dissection of the Mammalian Cell Cycle. Mol. Cell 68 (3): 626-640.e5. PMID: 29107535.

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