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Clontech Laboratories, Inc. and RIKEN BioResource Research Center concluded license agreement on preservation and distribution of Fluorescent Proteins, DsRed2 and mCherry for academic use

BRC News

Promoter Collection

Here is a list of reporter constructs deposited by individual researchers and constructed by the Gene Engineering Division.

Clones deposited by individual researchers

Clones constructed by the Gene Engineering Division

  • We amplified upstream region of genes by PCR, cloned the amplified fragment into Renilla luciferaseRenilla and firefly luciferasefirefly vectors, respectively, and then their terminal sequences were confirmed.
  • Renilla luciferase collectionRenilla were analysed by using 18 cell lines.
  • Firefly luciferase collectionfirefly were analysed by using HeLa, HepG2 and Hep3B cells.

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