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Clontech Laboratories, Inc. and RIKEN BioResource Research Center concluded license agreement on preservation and distribution of Fluorescent Proteins, DsRed2 and mCherry for academic use

BRC News

CRISPR-Cas system

CRISPR-Cas system

cas1 cas2 cas3 cas3
cas4 cas4 cas4 cas4
cas4 cas5a_b_c cas5d cas5h
cas5t cas6 cas6 casA,cse1
casB,cse2 casC,cse4 casD,cse5 casE,cse3
cmr1 cmr2,cas10 cmr3 cmr4
cmr5 cmr6 csa1 csa2
csa3 csa4,cas8a2 csa5 csaX
csb1 csb2 csb3 csc1
csc2 csc3 csd1,cas8c csd2,cas7
csh1 csh2 csm1,cas10 csm2
csm3 csm4 csm5 csn1,cas9
csn2 cst1,cas8a cst2,cas7 csx1
csx10 csx14 csx16 csx17
csx3 csy1 csy2 csy3


CRISPR-Cas system in Prokaryotic Defense System

(GSB0041e 2019.05.10 T.M)