Genes involved in the HIF-1 signaling pathway

Catalog no. Name of clone Running title
RDB14404 pEF/HRE-Fluc HIF-1 dependent promoter reporter.
RDB14403 pGEX-6P-3/GST-TAT-ODD/3-0-Casp3 Bacterial expression vector of protein prodrug that is specifically processed and activated in hypoxia-inducible factor-active cells.
RDB07693 pGL4-phHIF1A Promoter collection, Human HIF1A promoter
RDB07681 pGL4-phVEGFA Promoter collection, Human VEGFA promoter

Link to KEGG Pathway – HIF-1 signaling pathway

List of gene resources

(GSB0035e 2017.02.17 T.M.)


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