The p53 network


The p53 network

Activation of the network (by stresses such as DNA damage, ultravioletlight and oncogenes) stimulates enzymatic activities that modify p53 and its negative regulator,MDM2. This results in increased levels of activated p53 protein. The expression of several target genes is then activated by binding of the activatedp53 to their regulatory regions. These genes are involved in processes that slow down the development of tumours. For example, some genes inhibit cell-cycle progression or the development of blood vessels to feed a growing tumour; others increase cell death (apoptosis). A negative feedback loop between MDM2 and p53 restrains this network. Many other components of this network, not shown here, havebeen identified. Similarly, p53 activation results in a variety of other effects, including the maintenance of genetic stability, induction of cellular differentiation, and production of extracellular matrix, cytoskeleton and secreted proteins. (Contributed by Dr. Koji Nakade)


Locus RDB no. Type Name of clone
Trp53 1285 DNA clone p53-LTR pUC18 (Anti Sense#9)
Trp53 1284 DNA clone p53-LTR pUC18 (Sense#3)
TP53 5507 DNA clone pKM2L-phP53
TP53 3187 Recombinant adenovirus AxCAhp53KP1065
TP53 3186 Recombinant adenovirus AxCAhp53KP1010
TP53 3185 Recombinant adenovirus AxCAhp53KP1007
TP53 3184 Recombinant adenovirus AxCAhp53KP1094
TP53 3183 Recombinant adenovirus AxCAhp53KP1070
TP53 2807 Recombinant adenovirus AxCALNLhp53R273H (forward)
TP53 2802 Recombinant adenovirus AxCALNLhp53.clone 28 (forward)
TP53 2799 Recombinant adenovirus AxCALNLhp53P70 (forward)
TP53 2798 Recombinant adenovirus AxCALNLhp53P68 (forward)
TP53 2795 Recombinant adenovirus AxCALNLhp53WT (forward)
TP53 2785 Recombinant adenovirus AxCAhp53KP1070 (forward)
TP53 2784 Recombinant adenovirus AxCAhp53KP1065 (forward)
TP53 2783 Recombinant adenovirus AxCAhp53KP1010 (forward)
TP53 2782 Recombinant adenovirus AxCAhp53KP1007 (forward)
TP53 2771 Recombinant adenovirus AxCAhp53.clone 28 (forward)
TP53 2757 Recombinant adenovirus AxCAhp53P70 (forward)
TP53 2756 Recombinant adenovirus AxCAhp53P68 (forward)
TP53 2755 Recombinant adenovirus AxCAhp53WT (forward)
TP53 2713 ShuttleVector pAxCALNLhp53R273H (reverse)
TP53 2712 ShuttleVector pAxCALNLhp53R273H (forward)
TP53 2630 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53R273H (reverse)
TP53 2629 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53R273H (forward)
TP53 2509 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P26 (reverse)
TP53 2508 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P26 (forward)
TP53 2507 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P25 (reverse)
TP53 2506 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P25 (forward)
TP53 2505 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P24 (reverse)
TP53 2504 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P24 (forward)
TP53 2503 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P21 (reverse)
TP53 2502 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P21 (forward)
TP53 2501 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P19 (reverse)
TP53 2500 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P19 (forward)
TP53 2499 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P17 (reverse)
TP53 2498 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P17 (forward)
TP53 2497 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P16 (reverse)
TP53 2496 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P16 (forward)
TP53 2495 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P50 (reverse)
TP53 2494 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P50 (forward)
TP53 2493 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P13 (reverse)
TP53 2492 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp53P13 (forward)
TP53 2437 DNA clone pCAGhp53R273H (Reverse)
TP53 2436 DNA clone pCAGhp53P70 (Reverse)
TP53 2435 DNA clone pCAGhp53P68 (Forward)
TP53 2434 DNA clone pCAGhp53WT (Reverse)
TP53 2433 DNA clone pCAGhp53R273H (Forward)
TP53 2432 DNA clone pCAGhp53clone28 (Forward)
TP53 2431 DNA clone pCAGhp53P70 (Forward)
TP53 2430 DNA clone pCAGhp53P68 (Reverse)
TP53 2429 DNA clone pCAGhp53WT (Forward)
TP53 1982 Recombinant Adenovirus AxCALNLhp53
TNFRSF6 5259 ShuttleVector pAxCALNLhTNFRSF6(reverse)
TNFRSF6 5258 ShuttleVector pAxCALNLhTNFRSF6(forward)
TNFRSF6 2070 ShuttleVector pAxCAhFAS (As)
TNFRSF6 2024 ShuttleVector pAxCAhFAS
TNFRSF6 2023 Recombinant Adenovirus AxCAhFAS
TNFRSF6 1703 DNA clone pRx hFAS-i-hCD80
TNFRSF6 1702 DNA clone pRx hFAS-i-hCD25
MDM2 2198 Recombinant Adenovirus AxCAhMDM2
ING1 2250 Recombinant Adenovirus AxCAhp33-F/gsMSH beta
GADD45B 5377 ShuttleVector pAxCALNLhGADD45B(reverse)
GADD45B 5376 ShuttleVector pAxCALNLhGADD45B(forward)
GADD45B 5029 ShuttleVector pAxCALNLhGADD45B(reverse)
GADD45B 5028 ShuttleVector pAxCALNLhGADD45B(forward)
GADD45B 4151 ShuttleVector pAxCALNLhGADD45B
GADD45B 3584 ShuttleVector pAxCALNLhGADD45B(forward)
FASLG 5855 ShuttleVector pAxit-phFASL-rLuc (F)
FASLG 5854 ShuttleVector pAxit-phFASL-rLuc (R)
FASLG 5488 DNA clone pKM2L-phFASL
FASLG 2019 ShuttleVector pAxCAhFL
FASLG 2018 Recombinant Adenovirus AxCAhFL
CDKN1A 5893 DNA clone pKM2L-phP21
CDKN1A 3576 ShuttleVector pAxCALNLhp21(forward)
CDKN1A 1999 ShuttleVector pAxCAhp21
BAX 5340 ShuttleVector pAxCALNLhBAX(reverse)
BAX 5339 ShuttleVector pAxCALNLhBAX(forward)
BAX 5315 ShuttleVector pAxCALNLhBAX(reverse)
BAX 5314 ShuttleVector pAxCALNLhBAX(forward)
BAX 2026 ShuttleVector pAxCALNLhBax alpha
BAX 2025 Recombinant Adenovirus AxCALNLhBax-alpha
2200 Recombinant Adenovirus AxCAhp33

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(GSB0011e, T.M. 2004.03.20)


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