Searching BAC clone by the BAC browser


The BAC browser is a tool to support identifications of clones within a given genomic regions based on the BAC end sequences. The search box at the page head allows you to enter a term, such as a gene symbol, Entrez GeneID, BAC end DDBJ ID and so on.

BAC Browsers

teikyo01_greenMouse BAC browser (C57BL/6N and MSM/Ms)
teikyo01_greenRat BAC browser (F344/Stm and LE/Stm)
teikyo01_greenJapanese macaque BAC browser (M. fuscata)

Ordering information of BAC clones

teikyo02_greenC57BL/6N mouse BAC clone [link]
teikyo02_greenMSM/Ms mouse BAC clone [link]
teikyo02_greenRat BAC clone [link]
teikyo02_greenJapanese macaque BAC clone [link]

Clone search

  1. Set search field (red square in the Fig. 1) to “Ncbi symbol”, for example, enter a gene symbol and click submit button.

    Fig. 1 Mouse BAC browser.

  2. The results of a symbol search is indicated as a tabular summary of markers that contained your search term, chromosome and location on which those markers are found. Click “jump to map” (red square in the Fig. 2) of an appropriate gene in the table to move Map View. Please set your browser allowing pop-up windows.

    Fig. 2. Tabular summary of search results.

  3. The top of the Map View shows the chromosome number and center position of the view. The query (gene symbol) are appeared in the “NCBI field” with orange marker (red square A in the Fig. 3).
    BAC clones having two-mapped ends are indicated as blue line (ex. B6Ng01-280P15) as in the green square B in Fig. 3. BAC end indicated as boxes (see yellow triangle) are analyzed. Click Clone ID to see the BAC end sequence.
    However, those with single-mapped end are indicated as red line (ex. B6Ng01-240E03) and unanalyzed end has no box (see red triangle). Please note that the length of red line doesn’t reflect actual size of the insert but an average length of insert of the BAC library.

    Fig. 3. Map View of BAC browser.

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