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Clontech Laboratories, Inc. and RIKEN BioResource Research Center concluded license agreement on preservation and distribution of Fluorescent Proteins, DsRed2 and mCherry for academic use

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  • Nano lantern (NL) consists of Renilla luciferase and adjacent fluorescence protein. The chemiluminescence of the luciferase provides light source for excitation and enables the fluorescence protein to be observed. Three colors of NLs, yellow, cyan and orange, have been developed by Dr. Okada and Dr. Takai of the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research (BDR) and Dr. Nagai and their colleague of the Osaka University.[Takai, A. et al., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 112 (14): 4352-4356, 2015. PMID: 25831507].
  • Generally, external excitation light is required for observation of fluorescence proteins. On the other hand, external light often causes problems such as autofluorescence, phototoxicity, and photobleaching. NLs do not require external light source and overcome such problems.


Nano-lantern Yellow Cyan Orange
N-ter pYNL-N1 (RDB13323) pCNL-N1 (RDB13325) pONL-N1 (RDB13327)
C-ter pYNL-C1 (RDB13324) pCNL-C1 (RDB13326) pONL-C1 (RDB13328)
  • We provide 51 NLs appeared in the paper including yellow, cyan and orange NLs that were used for the observation of promoter activity of Nanog, Oct4 and Sox2, respectively. NLs for the observation of intracellular compartment such as lysosome, nuclei, cytoskeleton and so on are also available. For more information, please refer to the address below. We are looking forward to receiving your order!
Location Yellow Cyan Orange Tag
Beta-tubulin pYNL-N1_TUBB5(RDB13338) pCNL-N1_TUBB5(RDB13339) pONL-N1_TUBB5(RDB13340) mouse beta-tubulin class V
Cytoskeleton and focal adhesion pYNL-N1_vinculin(RDB13350) pCNL-N1_vinculin(RDB13351) pONL-N1_vinculin(RDB13352) chicken vinculin
F-actin pYNL-N1_ITPKA(RDB13347) pCNL-N1_ITPKA(RDB13348) pONL-N1_ITPKA(RDB13349) rat inositol triphosphate 3-kinase A
Focal adhesions pYNL-N1_zyxin(RDB13341) pCNL-N1_zyxin(RDB13342) pONL-N1_zyxin(RDB13343) mouse zyxin
Golgi apparatus pYNL-N1_Golgi(RDB13353) pCNL-N1_Golgi(RDB13354) pONL-N1_Golgi(RDB13355) N-terminal 81 amino acids of human beta 1,4-galactosyltransferase
Lysosome pYNL-N1_LAMP1(RDB13344) pCNL-N1_LAMP1(RDB13345) pONL-N1_LAMP1(RDB13346) rat LAMP1
Mitochondria pYNL-N1_Mito(RDB13329) pCNL-N1_Mito(RDB13330) pONL-N1_Mito(RDB13331) mitochondrial targeting sequence from subunit VIII of human cytochrome c oxdase
Nuclei pYNL-N1_3xNLS(RDB13332) pCNL-N1_3xNLS(RDB13333) pONL-N1_3xNLS(RDB13334) nuclear localization signal of SV40
Nuclei in interphase pYNL-C1_H2B(RDB13362) pCNL-C1_H2B(RDB13363) pONL-C1_H2B(RDB13364) human histone H2B
Nucleoli pYNL-C1_fibrillarin(RDB13368) pCNL-C1_fibrillarin(RDB13369) pONL-C1_fibrillarin(RDB13370) human fibrillarin
Peroxisome pYNL-C1_PTS1(RDB13359) pCNL-C1_PTS1(RDB13360) pONL-C1_PTS1(RDB13361) peroxisomal targeting signal 1 (tripeptide SKL)
Peroxisome pYNL-N1_PTS2(RDB13335) pCNL-N1_PTS2(RDB13336) pONL-N1_PTS2(RDB13337) peroxisomal targeting signal 2
Plasma membrane and endosomes pYNL-C1_RhoB(RDB13356) pCNL-C1_RhoB(RDB13357) pONL-C1_RhoB(RDB13358) human RhoB
Recycling endosomes pYNL-C1_Rab11a(RDB13365) pCNL-C1_Rab11a(RDB13366) pONL-C1_Rab11a(RDB13367) mouse Rab11a


Reporter plasmid of wnt signaling

Description Yellow Cyan Orange
Wnt signal reporter of NLS-nano-lantern pT2-7xTcf-NLS-YNL (RDB13371) pT2-7xTcf-NLS-CNL (RDB13372) pT2-7xTcf-NLS-ONL (RDB13373)
Wnt signal reporter of NLS-nano-lantern with protein degradation signal. pT2-7xTcf-NLS-YNL-CP (RDB13374) pT2-7xTcf-NLS-CNL-CP (RDB13375) pT2-7xTcf-NLS-ONL-CP (RDB13376)
Wnt signal reporter of nano-lantern. pT2-7xTcf-YNL (RDB13488) pT2-7xTcf-CNL (RDB13489) pT2-7xTcf-ONL (RDB13490)
Wnt signal reporter of nano-lantern with protein degradation signal. pT2-7xTcf-YNL-CP (RDB13491) pT2-7xTcf-CNL-CP (RDB13492) pT2-7xTcf-ONL-CP (RDB13493)


Lentiviral reporter plasmid of undifferenciated cell marker

Name Description
pRZ-mNanog-YNL (RDB13377) Lentiviral reporter plasmid of mouse Nanog by the Yellow Nano-lantern.
pRZ-mOct4-CNL (RDB13378) Lentiviral reporter plasmid of mouse Oct4 by the Cyan Nano-lantern.
pGF-mSox2-ONL (RDB13379) Lentiviral reporter plasmid of mouse Sox2 by the Orange Nano-lantern.

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