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Expression Vector Backbone of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Shuttle-vector system for Saccharomyces cerevisiae designed to produce C-terminal-Myc-tagged fusion proteins

Myc-tag (EQKLISEEDL) can be recognized by mouse monoclonal anitbody 9E10.
Depositor: Dr. Hidekatsu Iha
Reference: Biotechniques, 25, 936-938 (1998)., PMID 9863043.

Catalog no. Name Tag Ori Marker Promoter Size (kb) Usable sites
RDB01947 pAMH10 Myc centromere-type HIS3 ADH1 4.5 6
RDB01948 pAMH20 Myc 2micron HIS3 ADH1 5.3 6
RDB01949 pAML10 Myc centromere-type LEU2 ADH1 5.1 6
RDB01950 pAML20 Myc 2micron LEU2 ADH1 5.9 6
RDB01951 pAMT10 Myc centromere-type TRP1 ADH1 4.3 5
RDB01952 pAMT20 Myc 2micron TRP1 ADH1 5.1 5
RDB01953 pAMU10 Myc centromere-type URA3 ADH1 4.6 6
RDB01954 pAMU20 Myc 2micron URA3 ADH1 5.4 6
RDB01955 pGMH10 Myc centromere-type HIS3 GAL1-10 4.8 6
RDB01956 pGMH20 Myc 2micron HIS3 GAL1-10 5.6 6
RDB01957 pGML10 Myc centromere-type LEU2 GAL1-10 5.4 6
RDB01958 pGML20 Myc 2micron LEU2 GAL1-10 6.2 6
RDB01959 pGMT10 Myc centromere-type TRP1 GAL1-10 4.6 5
RDB01960 pGMT20 Myc 2micron TRP1 GAL1-10 5.4 5
RDB01961 pGMU10 Myc centromere-type URA3 GAL1-10 4.9 6
RDB01962 pGMU20 Myc 2micron URA3 GAL1-10 5.7 6

Empty expression vector backbone of S. cerevisiae to express GFP-tagged protein

Depositor: Dr. Hiroshi Takagi
Reference: Genes Cells, 18 (6): 459-475 (2013)., PMID 23517290.

Catalog no. Name Running title
RDB08380 pRS416-PADH1-ccdB-yEGFP-TTEF1 Empty expression vector backbone of S. cerevisiae.Gateway(R) destination vector.Contains ccdB and use DB3.1 or an equivalent host bacteria.
RDB08386 pRS416-PADH1-yEGFP-TTEF1 Empty expression vector backbone of S. cerevisiae

National BioResource Project – Yeast
Strains and plasmids of budding yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is available.

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