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A novel gene involved in germ cell formation commonly discovered in fruit fly and mice (Japanese text only) (2017.02.01 T.M.)

A genetic contamination test for genetically-modified mice at BRC has become available as a simple kit (Japanese text only) (2017.02.01 T.M.)

♦ Congratulations to Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi!! (2016.10.03 T.M.)

  • The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine is awarded to Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi for his discoveries of mechanisms for autophagy.

♦ Plasmid clones to study autophagy are available. (2016.10.03 T.M.)

Dnaconda's Recommendation

G-CaMP, a fluorescent calcium sensor.(2017/03/16 N.N.)

  • A Fluorescent probes "G-CaMP" for measuring intracellular calcium concentration are available.[more]

Construction of reporter gene having long promoter by using BAC clone and with recombineering technique.(2017/02/28 T.M.)

  • Luciferase reporter assay is a powerful tool for real-time monitoring of gene expression in living cells. It is recommended to construct reporter gene with lager promoter but hard to do so by means of common cloning technique. In this article, 20 kb promoter of Hprt gene was retrieved and cloned into a luciferase reporter by using BAC clone and with recombineering technique.[more]

A fluorescent probe to evaluate activity of autophagy. (2017/02/21 N.N.)

  • Plasmid clone of a novel probe capable of evaluating the activity of autophagy by GFP/RFP signal ratio has arrived.[more]

Green- and Red-emitting luciferases with luminescence. (2017/2/2 T.M.)

Resource information

♦ Histac-H3K9/K14 for visualization of acetylation activity of histone H3 in cells.(2016/9/27 T.M.)

  • Reference
    Nakaoka, S., Sasaki, K., Ito, A., Nakao, Y., Yoshida, M. A Genetically Encoded FRET Probe to Detect Intranucleosomal Histone H3K9 or H3K14 Acetylation Using BRD4, a BET Family Member. ACS Chem. Biol. 11 (3): 729-733, 2016. PMID: 25946208

♦ GimRET for visualization of protein concentration in cells.(2016/9/13 T.M.)

  • Reference
    Morikawa, J.T., Fujita, H., Kitamura, A., Horio, T., Yamamoto, J., Kinjo, M., Sasaki, A., Machiyama, H., Yoshizawa, K., Ichimura, T., Imada, K., Nagai, T., Watanabe, M.T. Dependence of fluorescent protein brightness on protein concentration in solution and enhancement of it. Sci. Rep. 6: 22342, 2016. PMID: 26956628

♦ Nakanori that specifically binds to a complex of sphingomyelin and cholesterol.(2016/9/13 T.M.)

  • Reference
    Makino, A. et al. A novel sphingomyelin/cholesterol domain-specific probe reveals the dynamics of the membrane domains during virus release and in Niemann-Pick type C. FASEB. J., 2016. Aug, 4. In press. PMID: 27492925.

♦ Fluorescent Ubiquitination-based Cell Cycle Indicator (Fucci) by single plasmid.(2016/6/20 T.M.)

  • Fucci2a cell cycle phase markers allow visualization and estimation of cell cycle progress by observation of green and red fluorescent proteins. [more...]

♦ Genius method to get rid of the target protein with human culture cells (2016.03.25 K.N.)

    Now available the plasmid for the system of Auxin-indusible degradation (AID) tag of your target protein in human cells from RIKEN BRC. [more...]

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