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- Bioresources for the screening of useful chemicals and studying biomass utilization
- RIKEN BRC signs GFP Transfer License with GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences
- Report on your achievements is appreciated
- Bioresources for the screening of useful chemicals and studying biomass utilization
The Gene Engineering Division provides researchers with bioresources deposited for the screening of useful chemicals and studying biomass utilization, including expression clones harboring coding sequence of genes. These valuable resources were developed in the domestic and international scientific community.

If you are interested in our bioresources, please visit the following site:
- YFP-tagged Schizosaccharomyces pombe gene for chemical screening
- human MAPK14 (p38) gene for inhibitor screening
- Trichoderma reesei cellulase gene.

Fees for resources
- Clone (1 ug/vial)
Non-Profit Organization, 8,400 YEN/vial;
Profit Organization, 16,800 YEN/vial.
- Microbial Genomic DNA (1 ug/vial)
Non-Profit Organization, 16,500 YEN/vial;
Profit Organization, 33,000 YEN/vial.

- RIKEN BRC signs GFP Transfer License with GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences
RIKEN BioResource Center (RIKEN BRC) and GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences (GE) concluded an agreement for the transfer of bioresources containing green fluorescent protein (GFP bioresources) to investigators at academic institutions, on July 12, 2011. By generosity of GE, RIKEN BRC is able to distribute the GFP bioresources to non-profit and academic researches without license fees. GFP bioresources include mice, Arabidopsis thaliana, cells, and genetic clones that incorporate GFP. We hope that you will make use of these resources.
Please visit the following web site for more information.

The plasmid pRBS-EGFP (RDB 8039) deposited by Prof. M. Taketoh of Kyoto University is useful to visualize activation of Notch signal in mammalian cells (Sonoshita et al., 2011, Cancer Cell 19, 125-137.). The plasmid pCAEGFP (RDB 3006) and recombinant adenovirus AxCAEGFP-Fwt (RDB 3944) deposited by Prof. H. Hamada of Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences are available for a control experiment of gene introduction.
Please visit a web site of the list of GFP bioresources.

- Report on your achievements is appreciated
Description of the origin of bioresources in your published papers is important to warrant reproduction and reliability of research results. When you publish your research results in a scientific journal, please refer to the origin of bioresources in Materials & Methods or Acknowledge section as follows:
________ (name of BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE) was provided by the RIKEN
BRC through the National Bio-Resource Project of the MEXT, Japan.

Please report to us your achievements such as research papers and/or patents which were obtained though use of our bioresources.
Please send us ( dnabank@brc.riken.jp ) the following information:
Research Paper: First Author, Title, Name of the Journal, Volume, Pages and Published Year
Patent: Holder, Title, Number and Year

Your publication and patent information will be added immediately to the accompanying information of the bioresource in web catalog and to the list of publication in the web site of RIKEN BRC and National Bio-Resource Project (NBRP).
[RIKEN BRC] http://dna.brc.riken.jp/ja/reflist.html .
[NBRP] http://rrc.nbrp.jp/gatewayAction.do?speciesId=23

The bioresources in this center are deposited by researchers who developed them from their generous mind of willing to contribute to scientific community so that other large numbers of fellow researchers can use them. Publication of the research result of the bioresources enriches the accompanying information, increases the utility value of the bioresources and serves as a driving force of "the positive cycle" which promotes the further utilization of the bioresources and discovery and invention.

Your cooperation and understanding are essential for enrichment of information on bioresource, improvement of quality of scientific research and sustainable operation of our Center.

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