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- Newly deposited genetic materials
- Please send the information on your achievement
- Newly deposited genetic materials
These genetic materials have been newly deposited to RIKEN BRC. We appreciate depositors for their contributions to the scientific community.
Dr. Fukasawa, Kayoko, Matsumoto Dental University
Dr. Hamada, Hirofumi, Sapporo Medical University
Dr. Honjo, Tasuku, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University
Dr. Ishida, Yasumasa, Nara Institute Of Science And Technology
Dr. Maeshima, Masayoshi, Nagoya University
Dr. Nagata, Shigekazu, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Faculty Medicine
Dr. Nohno, Tsutomu, Kawasaki Medical School
Dr. Tashiro, Fumio, Tokyo University of Science
Dr. Sato, Hroshi, Kanazawa university cancer research institute
Dr. Suda, Takashi, Kanazawa university cancer research institute
Dr. Kawashima, Tsuyoshi, Yokohama College of Pharmacy
Dr. Imai, Yuzuru, Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University
Dr. Takahashi, Satoru, University of Tsukuba
Dr. Kurata, Shoichiro, Tohoku University
Dr. Inoue, Hirokazu, Shiga University of Medical Science
(Sorted by date of deposition)

Among these deposition, Dr. Honjo deposited a series of reporter plasmid of Aicda gene (Nat. Immunol., 11, 148-154 (2010)) and Dr. Nagata deposited expression vectors, pEF-BOS and pEF-BOS-EX.

The newly deposited genetic materials are indicated at the following site at

After receiving order form, we send cloned DNAs on the Wednesday after next. Please allow us two weeks for preparation of cloned DNAs. Digestion patterns and terminal nucleotide sequences of cloned DNA are checked prior to delivery. One microgram of cloned DNAs are sent in TE buffer.

If you have a plasmid to deposit, please examine and agree to the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) for Deposition (see below).

- Please send the information on your achievement
We appreciate the information on your achievements such as research papers and/or patents which were obtained though use of our DNA materials. Your information will be added immediately to the accompanying data of the DNA material. This is an excellent way to increase the utility value of the DNA material as well as the visibility of your research.
Please send us the following information to dnabank@brc.riken.jp:
Research Paper: First Author, Title, Name of the Journal, Volume, Pages and Published Year
Patent: Holder, Title, Number and Year

Your publication and patent information will be added also to the list of publication.

When you publish your research results in a scientific journal, please refer to the origin of materials in Materials & Methods or Acknowledge section as follows:
________ (name of BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE) was provided by the RIKEN BRC through the National Bio-Resource Project of the MEXT, Japan.

Your cooperation and understanding are essential for enrichment of information on bioresource, improvement of quality of scientific research and sustainable operation of our Center.


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