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- Mammalian Expression Vectors with Epitope Tag
- Mammalian Expression Vectors with Epitope Tag
The Gene Engineering Division provides the collection of Mammalian Expression Vectors with Epitope Tag. Expression vectors listed here are available with the cytomegalovirus (CMV) promoter for high-level expression, a variety of different epitope tags to enable you to differentiate expressed proteins, and a Neomycine resistant marker to allow you to create stable cell lines.

[RDB2136] S-HA-pRc/CMV
[RDB2139] D-HA-pRc/CMV
[RDB2137] S-T7-pRc/CMV
[RDB2138] D-T7-pRc/CMV
[RDB2140] S-Myc-pRc/CMV
[RDB2141] D-Myc-pRc/CMV
Expression vectors listed above are constructed by Dr. Yoshihiro Takemoto of Tokyo Medical and Dental University and published in the DNA Cell Biol. 16 (7): 893-896, 1997. You can select one or two copies of epitope tags among the HA, T7 and Myc. The NotI restriction enzyme site is enable you to create expression vectors tagged your gene of interest with these vectors. After the cloning of your gene, the NotI site also allows inserted gene to be moved to another vectors among these 6 vectors.
Please visit the following site for genetic materials deposited to our division by Dr. Takemoto.

[RDB 5956] pCMV_S-FLAG
pCMV_S-FLAG vector is a mammalian expression vector designed to express proteins with FLAG epitope tag (Met-DYKDDDDK). The NotI restriction enzyme site is enable you to create expression vectors tagged your gene of interest. The first ATG of the FLAG tag is included in the NcoI restriction enzyme site (CCATGG) and the NcoI site is available for cloning in-frame the FLAG tag and your interested gene together into bacterial expression vectors. The EcoRI site abutting upon the FLAG tag allows to excite your interested gene with the FLAG tag. PCR products starting with ATG codon can be cloned in-flame into the blunted NotI restriction site.

[RDB 7396] pCMV_s-FLAGc
pCMV_s-FLAGc vector is a derivative of the pCMV_S-FLAG vector. Gateway® technology offers one-step cloning of your interested gene in Entry clones into the pCMV_s-FLAGc expression vector. Please refer the following website for Entry clones from the Genome Network Project Human Full-Length cDNA.

If you are interested in our Mammalian Expression Vectors with Epitope Tag clones, please visit the following site at
or feel free to contact us.


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