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- Report on your achievement is appreciated
- C57BL/6N Mouse BAC clones are now available

- Report on your achievements is appreciated
We appreciate the report on your achievements such as research papers and/or patents which were obtained though use of our DNA materials. Your report will be added immediately to the accompanying information of the DNA material. This is an excellent way to increase the utility value of the DNA material as well as the visibility of your research.
Please send us the following information to dnabank@brc.riken.jp:
Research Paper: First Author, Title, Name of the Journal, Volume, Pages and Published Year
Patent: Holder, Title, Number and Year

Your publication and patent information will be added to the accompanying information of the bioresource in web catalog and to the list of publication.
http://www.brc.riken.jp/lab/dna/ja/reflist.html .

When you publish your research results in a scientific journal, please refer to the origin of materials in Materials & Methods or Acknowledge section as follows:
________ (name of BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE) was provided by the RIKEN BRC through the National Bio-Resource Project of the MEXT, Japan.

Your cooperation and understanding are essential for enrichment of information on bioresource, improvement of quality of scientific research and sustainable operation of our Center.

- C57BL/6N Mouse BAC clone is now available
A BAC library of the C57BL/6N (B6N) substrain was constructed by a collaboration among the Gene Engineering Division, Experimental Animal Division and Technology Development Team for Mammalian Cellular Dynamics of RIKEN BRC. BAC end sequencing of B6N and registration of the sequence data in DDBJ was performed in collaboration with the National Institute of Genetics with the support by the Genome Information Upgrading Program of MEXT NBRP. B6N Mouse BAC clones are now available for distribution.

62,000 B6N Mouse BAC clones represent an actual coverage of 77% genome.

In FY 2010, we will sequence additional 62,000 clones to increase the genome coverage up to 95%.

A new database, 'Mouse BAC Brower' is also available at the site of the National Institute of Genetics
This database provides information of genomic locations of the B6N Mouse BAC clones on a B6J's genome sequence as well as the context of other features, such as genes.

Using 'Mouse BAC Brower', researchers may find a BAC clone of interest in silico with direct querying (ex. gene symbol, name of gene product, gene ID and so on).

If you are interested in obtaining BAC clones for your research, please feel free to contact us.

The germ cell competent B6N ES cell lines are available from the Cell Engineering Division of RIKEN BRC.


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