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- B6N Mouse BAC clone is now available
- Addition of data of immunofluorescent staining for the full CDS expression clones

B6N Mouse BAC clone is now available
The Gene Engineering Division has constructed a BAC library of the B6N substrain and the RIKEN BioResource Center completed BAC end sequencing of B6N and register the sequence data with DDBJ in a collaboration with the National Institute of Genetics under the Genome Information Upgrading Program of MEXT NBRP. The B6N Mouse BAC library consisted of 62,000 clones representing an estimated coverage of 2.6-fold haploid genome with 90% provability.

A new database, 'Mouse BAC Brower' is also available at the site of the National Institute of Genetics (http://analysis2.lab.nig.ac.jp/mouseBrowser/). This database provides information of genomic locations of the B6N Mouse BAC clones on a B6J's genome sequence as well as the context of other features, such as genes.

Using the database, researchers can be find BAC clones in silico with direct querying (ex. gene symbol, name of gene product, gene ID and so on).

If you are interested in our BAC clones, please feel free to contact us.

The germ cell competent C57BL/6N ES cell lines are available from the Cell Engineering Division of RIKEN BRC.

Addition of immunofluorescent staining data for the full CDS expression clones
The Gene Engineering Division provides full CDS expression clones that were constructed by our division. Their entire nucleotide sequences were confirmed. Furthermore, their expression proteins were also confirmed by the western blotting and the immunofluorescent staining.

We opened additional data of immunofluorescent staining for cells introduced expression vectors listed below.

If you are interested in our expression clones, please feel free to contact us.

List of genes
RDB 6068 human PPARD/PPAR delta
RDB 6069 human ROR beta
RDB 6070 human TR beta; ErbA-beta
RDB 6108 human CREB3
RDB 6111 human NFE2
RDB 6295 human ER beta
RDB 6598 human Oct3/4 isoform1
RDB 6600 human Sox2
RDB 6601 human Nanog homeobox
RDB 6602 human LIN28
RDB 6670 human Klf4
RDB 6671 human c-Myc
RDB 6998 human IL6
RDB 6999 human CPSF5/CPSF25
RDB 7012 human CREB2; ATF4
RDB 7013 human NRF1; NFE2L1
RDB 7014 human NRF1; NFE2L1
RDB 7015 human NRF3; NFE2L3
RDB 7016 human E2F8
RDB 7017 human NFKB2
RDB 7018 human NFKB1
RDB 7019 human SMAD3
RDB 7020 human Sap-1
RDB 7026 human MYCL1, transcript variant 3
RDB 7027 human neural cell adhesion molecule 1, transcript variant 1
RDB 7028 human AKT2
RDB 7029 human v-myc myelocytomatosis viral oncogene homolog (avian)
RDB 7270 human PEA3
RDB 7271 human SRY(sex determining region Y)-box 11


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