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pCMV_tag and pRSV_tag assay-ready clones

The Gene Engineering Division provides full CDS expression clones that were constructed by our division, and the confirmed entire nucleotide sequences of each clone and their expression proteins determined by the western blotting and the immunofluorescent staining.
This collection contains human and other animal ORF (open reading frame).

1.Distribution of clones
1.1Terms and conditions for distribution
   In publishing the research results obtained by use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, the USER must state an acknowledgement to the RIKEN BRC which is participating in the National Bio-Resource Project of the MEXT, Japan.
1.2How to obtain clones?
   How to obtain clones

pRSV_S-FLAG expression clones

catalog no.Name of cloneRunning titleClass
RDB06126pRSFlag_mmSumo1Expression vector of mouse Sumo1Cloned DNA
RDB06127pRSFlag_mmSumo2Expression vector of mouse Sumo2Cloned DNA
RDB06128pRSFlag_mmSumo3Expression vector of mouse Sumo3Cloned DNA

pCMV_S-FLAG expression clones

catalog no.Name of cloneRunning titlePDF
RDB06071pCMFlag_EGFPExpression vector of GFP, with FLAG-tag, control vector
RDB06072pCMFlag_lacZExpression vector of lacZ, with FLAG-tag, control vector
RDB06297pCMFlag_hsNR0B1Expression vector of human ACH
RDB06299pCMFlag_hsNR5A1Expression vector of human AD4BP
RDB06296pCMFlag_hsADRExpression vector of human ADR
RDB07028pCMFlag_hsAKT2Expression vector of human AKT2
RDB06251pCMFlag_hsATF1Expression vector of human ATF1
RDB06257pCMFlag_hsATF2Expression vector of human ATF2
RDB06252pCMFlag_hsBACH2Expression vector of human BACH2
RDB06605pCMFlag_hsBADExpression vector of human BAD
RDB06253pCMFlag_hsBATFExpression vector of human BATF
RDB06597pCMFlag_hsBIRC5Expression vector of human BIRC5/API4
RDB06665pCMFlag_hsCCNA2Expression vector of human CCNA2/Cyclin A2
RDB06415pCMFlag_hsCCNB2Expression vector of human CCNB2
RDB06416pCMFlag_hsCCNHExpression vector of human CCNH
RDB06062pCMFlag_hsDDIT3Expression vector of human CHOP10
RDB07012pCMFlag_hsCREB2Expression vector of human CREB2
RDB06108pCMFlag_hsCREB3Expression vector of human CREB3
RDB06267pCMFlag_hsCREB3L1Expression vector of human CREB3L1/Oasis
RDB06258pCMFlag_hsCREB3L2Expression vector of human CREB3L2
RDB06412pCMFlag_hsCREBL1Expression vector of human CREBL1
RDB06256pCMFlag_hsCEBPEExpression vector of human CEBPE
RDB06259pCMFlag_hsDBPExpression vector of human DBP
RDB07016pCMFlag_hsE2F8Expression vector of human E2F8
RDB06063pCMFlag_hsNFIL3Expression vector of human E4BP4
RDB06374pCMFlag_hsELK1Expression vector of human ELK1
RDB07020pCMFlag_hsELK4Expression vector of human ELK4
RDB06295pCMFlag_hsESR2Expression vector of human ER beta
RDB06260pCMFlag_hsESRRAExpression vector of human ESRRA
RDB06752pCMFlag_hsETS2Expression vector of human ETS2
RDB07270pCMFlag_hsETV4Expression vector of human PEA3
RDB06375pCMFlag_hsFLI1Expression vector of human FLI1
RDB06064pCMFlag_hsFOSExpression vector of human FOS
RDB06261pCMFlag_hsFOSL1Expression vector of human FOSL1
RDB06065pCMFlag_hsFOSL2Expression vector of human Fra2 (FOSL2)
RDB06753pCMFlag_hsGATA1Expression vector of human GATA1
RDB06376pCMFlag_hsGATA3Expression vector of human GATA3
RDB06109pCMFlag_hsGPE1BPExpression vector of human GPE1BP
RDB06377pCMFlag_hsHDAC6Expression vector of human HDAC6
RDB06378pCMFlag_hsHIF1AExpression vector of human HIF1A
RDB06110pCMFlag_hsHLFExpression vector of human HLF
RDB06666pCMFlag_hsIL1BExpression vector of human IL1B/IL-1 beta
RDB06998pCMFlag_hsIL6Expression vector of human IL6
RDB06667pCMFlag_hsILF2Expression vector of human ILF2/NF-AT, 45kDa
RDB06250pCMFlag_hsJDP2Expression vector of human JDP2
RDB06254pCMFlag_hsJUNExpression vector of human JUN
RDB06670pCMFlag_hsKlf4Expression vector of human KLF4
RDB06379pCMFlag_hsKLK3Expression vector of human KLK3
RDB06602pCMFlag_hsLIN28Expression vector of human LIN28
RDB06066pCMFlag_hsNR1H2Expression vector of human LXR beta
RDB06264pCMFlag_hsMAFBExpression vector of human MAFB
RDB06413pCMFlag_hsMAFGExpression vector of human MAFG
RDB06067pCMFlag_hsMAFKExpression vector of human MAFK
RDB06671pCMFlag_hsc-MycExpression vector of human c-Myc
RDB07029pCMFlag_BvMYCExpression vector of bovine MYC
RDB07026pCMFlag_hsL-Myctv3Expression vector of human MYCL1
RDB06601pCMFlag_hsNanogExpression vector of human NANOG
RDB07027pCMFlag_hsNCAMtv1Expression vector of human NCAMtv1
RDB06111pCMFlag_hsNFE2Expression vector of human NFE2
RDB06265pCMFlag_hsNFE2L2Expression vector of human NFE2L2
RDB07018pCMFlag_hsNFKB1Expression vector of human NFKB1
RDB07017pCMFlag_hsNFKB2Expression vector of human NFKB2
RDB06668pCMFlag_hsNFKBIAExpression vector of human NFKBIA/IkappaB alpha
RDB06269pCMFlag_hsNR1D2Expression vector of human NR1D2
RDB06270pCMFlag_hsNR1D1Expression vector of human NR1D1
RDB06262pCMFlag_hsNR1H4Expression vector of human NR1H4
RDB06255pCMFlag_hsNR1I3Expression vector of human NR1I3
RDB06372pCMFlag_hsNR6A1Expression vector of human NR6A1
RDB07013pCMFlag_hsNRF1Expression vector of human NRF1
RDB07014pCMFlag_hsNRF1Expression vector of human NRF1
RDB07015pCMFlag_hsNRF3Expression vector of human NRF3
RDB06266pCMFlag_hsNRLExpression vector of human NRL
RDB06999pCMFlag_hsNUDT21Expression vector of human NUDT21
RDB06298pCMFlag_hsNR4A2Expression vector of human NURR1
RDB06598pCMFlag_hsOct3/4isoform1Expression vector of human Oct3/4 isofom 1
RDB06669pCMFlag_hsOct3/4isoform2Expression vector of human Oct3/4 isofom 2
RDB06268pCMFlag_hsPPARAExpression vector of human PPARA
RDB06068pCMFlag_hsPPARDExpression vector of human PPARD/PPAR delta
RDB06380pCMFlag_hsPTENExpression vector of human PTEN
RDB06414pCMFlag_hsRARAExpression vector of human RARA
RDB06373pCMFlag_hsRORAExpression vector of human RORA
RDB06069pCMFlag_hsRORBExpression vector of human ROR beta
RDB06112pCMFlag_hsRXR alphaExpression vector of human RXR alpha coding sequence
RDB06751pCMFlag_hsRXR betaExpression vector of human RXR beta coding sequence
RDB06113pCMFlag_hsSHPExpression vector of human SHP
RDB07019pCMFlag_hsSMAD3Expression vector of human SMAD3
RDB06600pCMFlag_hsSox2Expression vector of human SOX2
RDB07271pCMFlag_hsSOX11Expression vector of human SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 11
RDB06381pCMFlag_hsSTAT1Expression vector of human STAT1
RDB06382pCMFlag_hsSTAT5AExpression vector of human STAT5A
RDB06383pCMFlag_hsSTAT6Expression vector of human STAT6
RDB06271pCMFlag_hsTEFExpression vector of human TEF
RDB06300pCMFlag_hsTHRAExpression vector of human THR alpha
RDB06604pCMFlag_hsTHOC4Expression vector of human THOC4/ALY
RDB06114pCMFlag_hsTR4Expression vector of human TR4
RDB06115pCMFlag_hsTR4 variantExpression vector of human TR4 variant hTAK1
RDB06070pCMFlag_hsTHRBExpression vector of human TR beta (ErbA-beta)
RDB06272pCMFlag_hsXBP1Expression vector of human XBP1
RDB06263pCMFlag_hsZFExpression vector of human ZF

Transfection with cloned DNA

Transfection solution A
  Lipofectamine 2000 (Invitrogen)2 ul
  OptiMEMI (Invitrogen)50 ul
Transfection solution B
  DNA0.8 ug
  OptiMEMI50 ul
Procedure of transfection
  1. Prepare 90% confluent Cos-1 cells in 24-well plate.
  2. Mix Transfection solution A and B.
  3. Replace culture medium with the mixture of Transfection solution.
  4. Add 100 ul of culture medium after 1 hour incubation.
  5. Replace the mixture with culture medium after 6 hours incubation.

Detection of FLAG tag by the Western blotting

RIPA Buffer
  sodium deoxycholate0.25%
  EDTA (pH 8.0)1 mM
  tris-HCl (pH 7.8)50 mM
  NaCl150 mM
Protease inhibitors
  PMSF1 mM
  leupeptin1 ug/ml
  pepstatin A1 ug/ml
2x sample buffer, SDS-PAGE
  tris-HCl (pH 6.8)1 mM
  bromophenol blue0.002%
  anti-FLAG M2 mAbSigma, F-3165
  anti-mouse IgG-hrpMBL

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