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cDNA Cloned Library

Ciona intestinalis EST Clones

General Information

Ciona intestinalis EST Clones were deposited by Dr. Noriyuki Satoh, Faculty of Science Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University; Individual clones are available. This set is known as the "Ciona intestinalis Gene Collection Release I" (Satou, Y. et al., 2002, Genesis 33 (4): 153-154; PMID, 12203911).

Library information:

Library IDLibraryClone IDvector
CiEGEggcieg001a01-cieg101p24pBluescriptII SK(-)
CiCLCleaving embryocicl001a01-cicl022p24
pBluescriptII SK(-)
CiGNGastrula/Neurulacign001a01-cign081p24pBluescriptII SK(-)
CiTBTailbud embryocitb001a01-citb105p24pBluescriptII SK(-)
CiLVLarvacilv001a01-cilv090p24pBluescriptII SK(-)
CiADYoung adultciad001a01-ciad020p24
pBluescriptII SK(-)
CiGDGonadcigd001a01-cigd049p24pBluescriptII SK(-)
CiTSTestiscits001a01-cits050p24pBluescriptII SK(-)
CiESEndostylecies001a01-cies009p24pBluescriptII SK(-)
CiNCNeural complexcinc001a01-cinc034p24pBluescriptII SK(-)
CiHTHeartciht001a01-ciht042p24pBluescriptII SK(-)
CiBDBlood cellscibd001a01-cibd085p24pBluescriptII SK(-)
CiEMEmbryo mixciem801a01-ciem854p24pDONR222
pBluescriptII SK(-)
CiDGDigestive Glandcidg001a01-cidg007p24
CiMAMature adultcima001a01-cima041p24
pBluescriptII SK(-)
CiMAMature adultcima801a01-cima854p24pDONR222

The papers describing these libraries have been published in journals indicated below:

  1. Jeffery, W.R., Chiba, T., Krajka, F.R., Deyts, C., Satoh, N., Joly, J.S., 2008, Trunk lateral cells are neural crest-like cells in the ascidian Ciona intestinalis: insights into the ancestry and evolution of the neural crest. Dev. Biol., 324 (1): 152-160. PMID: 18801357.
  2. Imai, K.S., Hino, K., Yagi, K., Satoh, N., Satou, Y., 2004, Gene expression profiles of transcription factors and signaling molecules in the ascidian embryo: towards a comprehensive understanding of gene networks. Development, 131 (16): 4047-4058. PMID: 15269171.
  3. Azumi, K., Takahashi, H., Miki, Y., Fujie, M., Usami, T., Ishikawa, H., Kitayama, A., Satou, Y., Ueno, N., Satoh, N., 2003, Construction of a cDNA microarray derived from the ascidian Ciona intestinalis. Zoolog. Sci. 20 (10): 1223-1229. PMID: 14569145.
  4. Satou, Y., Yamada, L., Mochizuki, Y., Takatori, N., Kawashima, T., Sasaki, A., Hamaguchi, M., Awazu, S., Yagi, K., Sasakura, Y., Nakayama, A., Ishikawa, H., Inaba, K., Satoh, N., 2002, A cDNA resource from the basal chordate Ciona intestinalis. Genesis, 33 (4): 153-154. PMID: 12203911.
  5. Embryonic retinoic acid target genes in the ascidian Ciona intestinalis web site :
  6. The Ghost Database web site :
  7. References in the Ghost Database web site :

Ordering Ciona intestinalis EST Clones

in Japanese

Terms and Conditions for Distribution:

    1) In publishing their results in any kind of publication types, RECIPIENT refers to the Ghost Home ( genomic and cDNA resources ) web site (http://hoya.zool.kyoto-u.ac.jp/cgi-bin/gbrowse/ci/) and DEPOSITOR's related publications,
    2) Sending the DEPOSITOR a reprint or equivalent of RECIPIENT's publication after publishing their results,
    3) Using the clones only for academic purpose, and
    4) When requested by the DEPOSITOR, RIKEN BRC informs the DEPOSITOR on the RECIPIENT's name and their affiliation.
    Uses other than for academic research by non-profit institutions:
    Please contact the Gene Engineering Division.

DNA solution with TE buffer (approx. 1 microgram) per clone.
♦ Terminal nucleotide sequences of cDNA are checked prior to delivery.
♦ Please allow 2 weeks before shipment.

If you have any questions regarding our DNA resources or related matters, please feel free to contact the Gene Engineering Division.

Clone search

Please find ID of individual clone(s) using cDNA Browser in the Ghost Database web site.

Order Forms and Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

Address for orders

Please complete one copy of Form A and two copies of Form C and send them to the Gene Engineering Division by post or e-mail. In case sending them by e-mail, please send us the originals by post afterwards.
We look forward to receiving your order.

    Gene Engineering Division, RIKEN BioResource Center,
    3-1-1 Koyadai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0074, Japan
  • ♦ If you are not sure that you have completed forms correctly, please send them to us by e-mail or fax we will look them over.
    E-mail: dnabank@brc.riken.jp
    Fax: 029-836-9120

Payment and charges

An INVOICE will be sent to you once you have received the requested materials.
Please refer to the following page for more details:
RIKEN is a non-profit organization and therefore requires all applicants to cover all bank charges, (including exchange, commission and handling fees) incurred in sending payment for resources they have ordered.

Notice of Citations

    ♦ When publishing, in scientific journals, the results of research involving the use of materials from RIKEN BRC, please be sure to cite the paper designated by the depositor as well as to mention that these materials were provided by RIKEN BRC as follows: (name of BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE) was provided by the RIKEN BRC which is participating in the MEXT National BioResource Project (Japan).
To contact us:
  • Address: Gene Engineering Division, RIKEN BioResource Center,
    3-1-1 Koyadai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0074 Japan
  • Fax: (+81)-29-836-9120
  • E-mail: dnabank@brc.riken.jp

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